Monday, May 5, 2014

My week driving a Mercedes

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang for Mercedes-Benz Valente

Having grown up in the country, my perception of who drives a Mercedes was probably a little restricted. It usually consisted of rich old farmers that had style, class and probably had a few good seasons on the farm.  The cars always lasted forever too, which gave me a good indication of the quality of the brand. Since moving to the city though you see all kinds of people driving a Mercedes-Benz.  I see a lot of commercial vans around that are Mercedes-Benz, but I've also seen luxury 2 and 4 door cars as well as a people mover as well.  Now, all these are driven by a wide variety of people in the community so my perception of Merc drivers has definitely changed a lot since living in the city. 

When I was approached to review the award winning People Mover of the Year for 2012 & 2013 Mercedes-Benz Valente I jumped at the chance. It’s not every day someone asks you these types of questions and I knew it was going to be a stylish drive.
When I mentioned to the kids that I would be test-driving a car and we’d be going on a little adventure they were really excited too.  They couldn't quite get their head around the fact that we weren't keeping it though, and Aston still asks about our new car.  I told him that we only got to borrow it but if Mummy can earn enough money she wants to buy one now!    When I picked up the Valente from Mercedes-Benz Melbourne, situation at 135 Kings Way South Melbourne I was super excited.  As soon as I entered the building I was greeted by a lovely lady who introduced me to Mr Michael Flynn, he showed me around the showroom and provided me with all the details I needed about testing the Valente. 

  • Duel-sliding electric back passenger doors (so handy) which provided me with a safe and quick drop off and pick up.
  • I also loved the reversing camera for safety because you literally have to have eyes in the back of your head when there are kids around!
  • While using in the city I liked the parking assist in conjunction with the reversing camera which gave me the confidence to park the Valente easily. 
  • I also loved the Command APS satellite-navigation system (with reversing camera and other multimedia features) to help me get around the city easily too. 
  • Another really good function was Bluetooth® interface with hands-free function and a telephone keypad. I think these are really important in these day and age to reduce distraction.

The first time I drove the Valente I was a bit nervous as I wasn't quite sure how it was going to handle. I currently drive a 4x4 and was unsure what the differences would be. My first drive of the Valente consisted of driving through some heavy traffic in South Melbourne and then taking the freeway home over the Westgate. It was a smooth drive and I was really surprised at how it handled and definitely would liken it to handling like a car, but with the space of a people mover!   

When we put the kids’ seats in I was pleasantly surprised by the size inside the Valente. Also that it has anchor points in both rows of seats gets a very big tick from me. As a family of 6 there are not a lot of cars on the market who provide the luxury of having anchors in both rows. When you have several children in seats I think it is good to have the choice of putting some child restraints in the 2nd and 3rd rows to capitalise on space and also on comfort too. From personal experience with 2 children in seats I’d prefer to have them in 2 different rows. That way I can also seat my older two kids in separate rows because we all know how much fun fighting kids can be! Plus with 8 full sized seats there is so much room!

During the week of reviewing the Valente, I used the car both locally and long distance. Locally I used the car for school drop off and pick up, as well as travelling to and from the city for meetings. My favourite features using the car locally:
The luggage space = 730L  - in other words exactly what any family of two or more really needs in a car.  There is more than enough space to fit in the pram and shopping (see my photo) or if you are going on holidays to fit suitcases, and if you’ve got to cart the kids off to sport this weekend then there is enough room for the sports bag, jerseys if you are on duty and the supplies to keep everyone happy while you watch the game.

We love a good road trip and aren’t strangers to crossing a number of states in search of sunshine and fun times with our friends and family. This time we took a little road trip down to one of our favourite spots in Victoria, Torquay.  For those who’ve never been there it is a gorgeous beach town with beachfront cafes and parks to relax the day away at. It’s also at the start of the world famous Great Ocean Road and also not too far from Bells Beach.  We headed off to Torquay and had brunch at the Front Beach CafĂ© Restaurant. The kids were full of energy after that so we headed up to the huge wooden playground with our take away coffee and hung out with the kids in the sunshine.  Then we decided to explore Torquay sites a little more while we drove around in the comfort of the Valente and then headed home.

Another major thing that impressed me was the fuel economy of this vehicle. I drove in excess of 500km while test-driving the Valente, yet I didn’t go near using half a tank of diesel. The 2.2L 4 Cylinder CDI engine definitely had enough power to get up and go but it didn’t use nearly as much fuel which is a huge plus. As a family who is constantly running around going to footy, tutoring, play-dates, etc, fuel consumption and cost is a huge thing for us when we have to budget.

Other features that stood out were the ADAPTIVE ESP – which is a system that can detect in an emergency the weight distribution of all passengers. Now I didn’t need to use this feature but I got a great deal of comfort in knowing that it was there if needed. I don’t know what it is but since moving to the city I worry a lot more about crashes now.  A big plus for this vehicle is also the fact that it has a 5 star ANCAP rating and is something I take pretty seriously since I’ve had kids.

Since having to give back the Valente I had definitely been converted to giving people movers more respect and definitely the consideration of buying one. I would encourage anyone who needs the space for their family to book a test drive with Michael if they are in Melbourne or your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer.

If you took the Mercedes Benz Valente on a trip where would you go and what features do you think you would like? Share your answer with me here on my blog or with me on Twitter Facebook Instagram 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fee Dixon interviews Brooke Hanson at Life's Little Treasures Peppa Pig 'The Big Splash'

Brooke Hanson Clarke is a proud Ambassador for Life's Little Treasures Foundation. Brooke recently joined families of premature babies at the media launch of The Big Splash in Melbourne. Brooke spoke with Fee Dixon about why she choose to support LLT, premmie babies and why she thinks it is important to support Life's Little Treasures who support families of preemie babies in Australia.

Join Peppa Pig & Help Life’s Little Treasures Foundation to Create a Big Splash & Raise Funds for Premature & Sick Babies

Peppa Pig is the newest star to jump on board and help Life's Little Treasures Foundation for their new campaign The Big Splash, a charity campaign to raise money for premature and sick babies. 
I am encouraging everyone to host a 'Splash like Peppa' event between March 1 to April 30, you can do this at the beach, your home or by attending a Big Splash event held at your local pool, creating as much splash as possible for just five minutes short minutes. 

“Each year, in Australia, around 45,000 premature and sick newborns require medical support in Neonatal Intensive Care or Special Care nurseries. Having a child that is premature or sick places a great emotional and financial burden on that family. With the funds raised, more families will receive the much needed support they require to ensure the best outcome for their baby.” Shusannah Morris CEO Life's Little Treasures Foundation.

To register to take part and set up a fundraising page visit, the top 10
fundraisers will win $100 worth of Peppa Pig Zoggs products.

Life's Little Treasures Foundation was founded in 2005 by parents, all of whom had premature or sick babies. Their mission is to ensure no family endures the traumatic experience of having a premature or sick baby without access to information and community support needed during their journey.

Peppa is the lovable yet slightly bossy little pig who has captured the hearts of children everywhere. Peppa Pig has become the most popular preschool show in Australia, and is the children’s ambassador for Life’s Little Treasures Foundation.

As I mentioned in the interview with Brooke my daughter Airlie was born at 27weeks and is why I am more then happy to provide my support for this event.  Please host an event and raise funds for Life's Little Treasures. 

A big thank you to Brooke Hanson for taking the time to speak with me at this event. It was my first time interviewing anyone, and I was a little nervous! Brooke is an amazing Mum doing her best to honour her baby boy Jack and I really appreciate her taking the time to share her time with me. Thanks Brooke!  

 To register to take part and set up a fundraising page visit, the top 10
fundraisers will win $100 worth of Peppa Pig Zoggs products.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Win: Parents win quite time here. Enter Now

Disney Club Penguin have asked us to review their platform, Airlie fits best into their age range of   6-12 years and will do this in the coming weeks. While we wait for that to be delivered, I asked to give away something to my readers too. So, I'm also giving 3 lucky readers the chance to enter and win some peace and quite these holidays too.  I'd also love the kids to share their review with me which will be added to my website and shared in my newsletter too. They'll be famous! The kids can share just a text based review or if you are happy to, they can also share a picture of them playing or receiving their membership.

So what's on offer?

Win: 1 x 6 month membership 
Win: 2 x 1 month memberships
Suitable for: 6-12 years
play it on : iPad App, desktop computer or via internet connection on tables not ISO compatible.

So why did I decide to review this platform?

Now it's not just about the quite you will receive, although that's pretty good! It's also about the great features this platform provides. lessons the kids can learn from using it and what REALLY sold me on it when I started to research it.

  • No third party advertising! - Really important to me as you never know what your child could be clicking on! 

  • Teaches kids about charitable giving with Coins for Change  That is also being delivered through 1800 schools Australia wide. I'm going to personally let my daughter's school know about this and encourage them to get involved in 2014. 

  • Global Citizenship Programs it encourages and empowers children to help others and change the world that they live in. Just because it isn't happening in our own backyard does not mean it isn't happening. Our kids are very fortunate compared to many around the world and I try really hard to make them understand that. I think this is a great interactive way of showing them how lucky they are and also how they can help those that aren't as fortunate as they are. 

  • Can be accessed on iPad with their brand new App that has just been released, via your desktop computer or even via safari or chrome via other tablets. 

  • Fun Stuff  with extra activities to encourage kids to play outside with ideas of games to play and rules to play by, art and craft to encourage kids to be more artistic, recipes to help budding little chefs cook yummy meals and colouring pages that will keep them busy too over that 6 weeks which sometimes can feel like 6 months at times. 

  • Parents Area with great safety advice that helps you understand how the site is run and also great tips that you can share with your children surrounding cyber safety and how they should conduct themselves online, which is REALLY important these days.
Just enter our giveaway below in the Raffle Copter and keep an eye on your email address on Friday 20th December 2013 when the winners will be announced. Please check the T&C too to make sure you enter correctly to be in the running. Good Luck!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Jam Factory Miracle

Last night I was given the opportunity to head to Chapel St, South Yarr and watch the preview screening of  "Enough Said" at the Jam Factory. I met my friend Layla there and we were even ON TIME! if you know Layla and I this a miracle and it is now what we like to call "A Jam Factory Miracle"   The night was hosted by mix101.1 but I had been given the opportunity to go through winning a competition with Nuffnang Australia.  I actually didn't realise that any personalities were going to be at the event but I was lucky enough to meet and chat to the GORGEOUS Chrissie Swan and get my photo taken too!  Funnily enough Chrissie had sent me a message via Facebook earlier for another reason but I hadn't had time to read it yet and I wasn't sure it was from "the Chrissie Swan" Works out it was and we were able to have a chat in person.

Enough Said was a great movie filled with lots of laugh out loud moments and a few teary moments too. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a wonderful female lead and her character Eva was someone alot of women could identify with. James Gandolfini played a great male lead too and his character Albert was defiantly familiar, especially his jokes and one liners.  It is sad to think that this was James Gandolfini's last movie, but I think his family can defiantly be proud of his role in it. Another one of the actors in the film was Toni Collette.  I love hearing the Australian accent (it's funny I only hear the Aussie accent when I watch American movies) plus I love the relationship she and Julia have in the movie.  I don't want to give away to much about the movie so I've just popped the trailer up here for you to watch. Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why McHappy Day is Important to My Family

Today is Mc Happy day. Go and buy as many Big Macs that you can eat. You truly have no idea how vital Ronald McDonald House and charities are to families who have loved ones in hospital. We used it when Mason had his appendix out at 18 months and had to be flown to Children's Hospital in Randwick   & again when Airlie had bilateral inguinal hernias when she was just 3months old at the Children's Hospital in Westmead. We also have countless friends who've been tankful for this service too. They make a home for you when your life is turned upside down and remove the stress of not having anywhere to stay or paying expensive prices. They provide a safe and secure place, they provide friendship, they provide a space to take your unwell child if they are experience a long term stay. They also provide the most amazing people that volunteer to just make you feel welcome. So I don't care if you don't eat Maccas, you can instead walk in there and buy a hand to support this amazing cause. Put yourself in my shoes or anyone else's shoes who's used the service and really appreciated it and then tell me you won't support it. 
One thing I'd love to see is a Ronald McDonald House at Royal North Shore Hospital too. There wasn't one there when Airlie spent 2months in NICU. We did have other accommodation but I think Ronald McDonald House provides more then accommodation to those that use the facilites.
So please please please go down to McDonalds today and buy a Big Mac a Hand to support or any other merchandise that is helping this company provide amazing support through the Ronald Mc Donald Houses. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My husband makes me happy.

I've seen a post floating around the internet over the past few days, but I've only just read it now. I have to say I love a good viral post but I didn't jump on and read this one straight away, I guess because the title allured that it might be a beat up on marriage.  But don't let hat fool you! This piece of writing is really thought provoking and I'm really glad I finally did  read it today. It is an amazing piece of writing. It's a reminder to us all to remember why you choose to marry someone, and I guess to stay married to them too.  We often get too wrapped up in life and can become a little selfish too,  making it all about making ourselves happy and forgetting to make our partner happy too. Now I think it is still important to "be happy" too, but I really loved the tone of this piece of writing so I thought I should share it with you too.

This piece of writing made me thinking about my own relationship with my husband. I love it when a good piece of writing does that. Adrian and I have been together for 16 years on November 29th and on the same day we will have been married for 10 too.  People are often surprised we've been together for so long, I guess it might be to do with our age or possibly even because sadly lots of people don't find their soul mate as easily as we did.  Being married isn't easy but then at the same time it isn't hard either, it's one of those things where if you love the person and that person loves you, then you'll find a way to make it work.   After reading this amazing piece of writing I am reminded and see how much Adrian does to make me happy. I've always known he does, but I guess we can become stagnant in our relationships and forget to appreciate them as much as we should. I know I've always been thankful for what he does but I know I need to work harder in making him happy too. He always supports me in everything that I do and he is the most amazing husband and father. Yes, he annoys the s*#t out of me sometimes but he truly is my soul mate. This song below really reminds me of us!

Over the past year and a half to two years we've had to deal with alot. I was on bedrest leading up to Jonty's birth being monitored closely. Then after Jonty was born I suffered from post delivery pre eclampsia which resulted in me almost dying of a stroke.Since then I've suffered from a combination of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Anxiety and Post Natal Depression (PND) which has made things pretty tough sometimes. Throughout everything Adrian has always been there, he's seen me at my best and defiantly at my VERY worst.  Thankfully things are getting better and we continue moving forward. I know he will always have my back and I hope he knows I will always have his? I'm truly lucky that I've found such an amazing man. He makes me happy beyond words and I know I've won the LOVE LOTTO with him. I know corny but it's TRUE!

Image Credit
Please read the post written by Seth Adam Smith it really is worth reading. Marriage Isn't For You
"Marriage isn't for you. You don't marry to make yourself happy, you marry to make someone ELSE happy."

Tell me what you think about the article below or over on my facebook page.

You're Invited!

Just a little invite to all my awesome readers to join my very first newsletter list. Yes I know it's taken me a while and I've been asked many times when I was going to add a newsletter to my blog? So I've decided to finally add on and I'm working on sending out my first newsletter very soon. It will be fill with lots of goodies including giveaways, sales, reviews, special offers for my readers and much more. Go and SIGN UP HERE and keep an eye in your inbox for my first newsletter from Oh Gorgeous Baby.  If you are interested in having a product, service or event featured in the newsletter, then please contact me ASAP at this link HERE 
Thanks for your ongoing support.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Cutest Peppa Pig Fan Ever!

Aston and I were invited to a very special Pink Carpet event last Tuesday night at the Playhouse Arts Center Melbourne.  We were very excited to see our favourite Pig, Peppa Pig's LIVE show "Treasure Hunt".  It was a really nice to spend time with just one of my children, it's defiantly something I need to do more often as it was lots and lots of fun.  Aston adores Peppa Pig, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig so he was VERY excited to see the puppets on stage. He sang along to the songs and danced his best dancing too.  I loved how interactive the show was and I didn't stop smiling while watching Aston have so much fun!

The show is full of bright colours, lovely music and lots of interactive fun for the kids and the parents too!  The show went for approximately 2 x 30 minute sections with a 10 minute break in between.  I thought this was a good amount of time for a busy 3 year old.

I learnt after the show at the special VIP event that the adorable Peppa Pig, is the number 1 pre-school brand in Australia. Loved by parents and kids for her mischievous sense of humour and the life lessons explored in a fun way, it’s no wonder this little pig continues to gain fans in Australia. 

Check out and for printables, event updates and brand new products available in time for Christmas. 

I'm also excited to hear that Peppa Pig is also a massive supporter of the Australian charity, Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. Over the coming year Peppa Pig will be the brand ambassador for Life’s Little Treasures Foundation to raise funds that will support families with babies born prematurely or sick.  I will hopefully be telling you more about this on my blog Moment by Moment which is dedicated purely to premature babies just like my daughter who was born at 27 weeks gestation in 2006.

Disclaimer: I was given 2 tickets to attend the show, I was not given compensation to write this post.  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Airlie, Fee & Mrs Claus @
Santa's Magical Kingdom Preview Event
Santa's Magical Kingdom is coming to Melbourne again in 2013 and I for one can't wait! I was lucky enough to attend the preview event (still need to share photos here) and my family were also lucky enough to be chosen to receive tickets to the opening night too. I can't wait to go and see the smile on my kids faces and if I'm really honest, to act like a big kid too! I could do with some light hearted fun right about now, I just know this event is going to have plenty of that!  YOU too could also be lucky enough to take your family along to this event, I have 1x family pass to Santa's Magical Kingdom up for grabs, so read on for the details!

Take a look at this clip below to see what you can expect at this event, right here in our beautiful city Melbourne. I've heard many people rave about this event after attending in 2012 when it SOLD OUT!

To be in the running to win this awesome family activity all you need to do is follow the steps below in the Rafflecopter below. Best of luck!

It is a condition of the giveaway that you leave a comment. You may leave a comment here on the blog or over at our Facebook page Oh Gorgeous Baby

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to read more about Santa's Magical Kingdom or to purchase tickets please visit the Santa's Magical Kingdom website for information like dates, time and read all about the fun time you are going to have when you visit.

T&C & Disclosure
I was gifted tickets to the preview event and have also received tickets to attend the event. I was not paid for this review or given any compensation to run this giveaway. I chose to run this giveaway as I know how much it would mean to many families to take their kids along to an event like Santa's Magical Kingdom. The ticket comprises of 2 adult and 2 children tickets. The value of the ticket is $158. You must be able to attend the show on Sunday 17th November 2013 to enter the competition.
The giveaway will be drawn on 11/11/2013 and you will be contacted by email. You have 48hours to claim your tickets or the prize will be redrawn.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sonny Bill Williams on Family, Football, Faith And His Future.

I'll always be a NSW girl at heart no matter where I live, and hat means I'm always going to love my rugby league too. So much so, that I stayed up past midnight here in Melbourne on Thursday night just to watch the NRL Footy Show which aired the interview with Sonny Bill Williams.  Now I'm already a huge fan of SBW, and not just for the reason that most of you would think. Yes, I do think he's a good looking New Zealand boy, but he defiantly becomes a far more attractive guy because he is so humble with what talent he posses on the football filed. The way he plays the game is with such integrity and I just love to watch him play, especially when he makes a big hit, makes a great break or helps set up a try. It doesn't just seem like he does this in his footy though, but with everything in his life.

The interview that was conducted by Phil Gould was of great insight in Sonny's life.  I learnt much more about him and the things that he holds near and dear to him which really brings a more human element to the name that is "SBW".   I really think Phil Gould should be commend on several of the interviews he's done in the past, both with Sonny Bill and with several other footballers too.   I find these sorts of interviews really interesting and I think the footy show should consider doing alot more in the future. People forget that these boys are just that, boys who are still trying to grow into men.

So, check out the clip below and tell me what you think? 

Hearing Sonny speak about leaving the Canterbury Bulldogs (That's My Team) was great because that was a really messy departure and many people turned on him. It was good to hear his thoughts on how he feels about it and what he may have done differently now.  Hearing him also speaks about his faith, what he will do in his future, both family wise and football was great.  His honesty and grass roots family values are really evident and I really really enjoyed it.

So I thought I'd share this again on my blog because I really enjoyed it and I though there might be other people who might want to rewatch it, or some of you who didn't get to see it in the first place.
Even if you aren't a SBW fan or maybe you don't even know how he is if you don't follow Rugby League I'd still suggest you watch this.I don't think anyone should let the media persona of a person get overtaken by the actual real guy and what he stands for.

I also wanted to draw attention to this charity that Sonny Bill Williams gives his time too. Click on the banner below to find out more details. Take a look at the details about Meningococcal and take it seriously.
Just yesterday my little boy Jonty had a rash that was checked for both Meningococcal and Measles.


Keep up the good work Sonny Bill Williams, I hope your choice at the end of the year is one that you are a peace with. You know you are never going to make everyone happy, but as long as you and your family are then that's all that really matters. Best of Luck and thanks for doing the interview! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

@Pink dedicates "Who Knew" for #babyalecia We did it!!

Last night I posted about our hope that Pink would dedicate a song to Baby Alecia.  As the night drew on we were all feeling really anxious, but we continued to tweet asking everyone to help us make Charlotte's night.  We finally heard the news and were all so ecstatic, Pink had dedicated "Who Knew" to Baby Alecia!
I literally felt numb from the rush of emotion I felt, I also cried alot because I'd been trying to hold alot of that in.

I just wanted to say thank you to every single person who tweeted and ReTweeted about #babyalecia and our passion to have Pink dedicate a song to her.

Here is the dedication that Pink made last night while Charlotte was in the crowd.

To read more about why we were doing this please visit this link  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

@Pink, #BabyAlecia & People Power on Twitter Pls RT

Please Tweet - Please Share On All Social Media Sites too.

My friend Charlotte is attending Pink's last concert in Brisbane tonight and  lots of ladies and I are doing our best to make it a VERY special night.  Sadly Charlotte's daughter Alecia lost her battle a couple of weeks ago, just 7months after she was born. Alecia was named after Pink (Alecia is her actual name) and Alecia's Mummy Charlotte found great comfort in Pink's music both during and after Alecia's journey.  

For the past few weeks we have taken to Twitter and Facebook asking Pink to please dedicate a song to Alecia and her Mummy Charlotte.  Now this may seem insane, but P!NK actually retweeted the details and we are holding out hope that this comes true tonight.  So we are asking everyone to please tweet pink and share this post on Facebook so more people know about Baby Alecia's story.

Charlotte and some of her Army 

The gorgeous Alecia 

Here are the 2 songs that we'd love PINK to consider singing for Alecia. 

Today is is also Pink's birthday so I'd love to wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I hope you've had a wonderful time in our country during your tour and for your birthday too.
I hope you haven't been hassled to much by the media and you've been able to have some
down time with Carey and Willow during your time here too.
I am so bummed that I missed this concert but I will be waiting for you to come back again next time.

I also wanted to say a HUGE Thank you to you Pink for even taking the time to ReTweet the details to Charlotte's blog. You are personally one of my favourite people/celebrities and my respect for you has just risen so far beyond now.

I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who has tweeted and retweeted anything to do with Alecia over the past few weeks. It has been pretty amazing watching people power trying to help someone.

If you would like to help please tweet this or something similar to this: 
 please play f#kin perfect or BRidge of Light for  mum  Thank you xxx

If you'd like to check out all the tweets being sent out please visit this link 

you can find me here @momentbymoment1 

Please Tweet if you are on Twitter and share this post on Facebook.
They are at the concert right now and we would love to make Charlotte's night.

If you would like to read more about Baby Alecia please visit Charlotte's Army 

Lots of Love Charlotte & Rest In Peace Alecia xx

Friday, July 12, 2013

How to add Instagram Video & Pictures to your blog or website.

Yesterday I shared a few videos of Aston here on I'm too small to get a job  that were super cute!
I added these videos yesterday by using this little trick  by the very smart peeps over here

Then today, again I've been taking video on Instagram. What can I say, I'm a sucker for these kids! However,  this time the video was of both Jonty and Aston together titled
Shake shake shake.  Oh and just a side note, I am in SOOOOO much trouble when these two are able to get around together when Jonty is a little bigger. They already get into mischief as it is, but I can only imagine what the future holds!

Now check out this below....
Magic right! Well not quite, but it seems Instagram have got their act together and you can now SHARE share share. Now I know this isn't going to make everyone happy, but some are going to think it is pretty cool.

Tonight while looking through Instagram (when I should have been working)  I noticed a new button on the right hand side under the heart and comment button. So far it only seems visible on  a desktop yet as I can't see it on my mobile.  So I clicked it and up popped a box that was filled with code! I gave it a go here on my blog and if this post all goes to plan it shall show up the most recent video I took today and this little bit of info.

So finally a way we can share the videos and pictures that we've so far only been able to share via the widget that can sit on the side of your blog or video (well this is the only way I've chosen to share anyway)

So what do you think? Is this going to be a good thing or a bad thing for Instagram?
Do you like it or not?

I did check out to see if the code was accessible on other people's videos and pictures and it is, which kind of worries me because this means that anyone can share your content.  I wonder if this is going to lead to a whole new wave or private profiles or people leaving Instagram in droves?

Love to hear what you think.
Oh and if you are on Instagram look me up  or just click the same name on the video above.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm too small to get a job.

I am LOVING that Instagram added a video function to their site.  I had this little conversation with Aston
yesterday and it seems he thinks he is too small to get a job? Check them both out, they only last for about 15 seconds.

Are you on Instagram? If so, follow me at ohgorgeousbaby  Have you started using Instagram Video yet?

Video by ohgorgeousbaby * Instagram by @ohgorgeousbaby

Muuum I want a new iPad by @ohgorgeousbaby

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CAPTURE THE COVER - Win $1000 by using your local knowledge!

This is one of my entries into #CaptureTheCover 
 This year I've been asked to help promote CAPTURE THE COVER COMPETITION and I'm extremely excited to do so!  

I love to take photos, stopping to capture the beauty around me is my way of stopping to smell the roses.  I personally find the more time I spend taking photos the more I want to do it. My perception of  the world around me changes too when I do this. I start to see small things that I'd not payed attention too and the beauty within makes me want to capture it.

Unfortunately I don't have a big fancy camera, but I do have my beloved iPhone 5!  
I use my iPhone5 and that is it! That is the awesome thing about this competition, you can be an every day Jo or Fee (Like Me!) and enter by just using your phone, or you can enter by using your fancy camera too. 

capture the cover contest, Win $1000, photo competition, oh gorgeous baby, Fee Dixon, Bloggers working with brand,
Photo Credit : Pat - runner up 2012

What Is Capture The Cover Competition
A photography competition with the theme Only Locals Know
I am helping promote the Melbourne section of the competition but it is running in various locations around Australia, so please take a look at the website for all location details.

What You Need To Do 
You're invited  to share your favourite spots in your local area (where you live and it's surrounds). As a local you might have a fave shop, park bench, street art or maybe even a tree.   You take a photo of that special thing and then enter it via CAPTURE THE COVER COMPETITION or via Instagram (see Capture The Cover Competition website for more details on how to enter). If chosen, your picture will end up on the front of a yellow pages book in your local area!! You can win $1000 for the Hero picture if chosen to display on the yellow pages book and $100 for the runner up photos that are chosen to also appear on the book in a smaller format.

Entering your photo
  • Be a .jpg
  • Be the highest quality your camera allows
  • Not show anyone's face
  • Be taken in the region that you live

Entering via Instagram?
  • Take the picture in your local region
  • Include the hashtag #CaptureTheCover and @yellow_au
  • Follow the prompts in Step 2 to choose and submit your entry

Your image must:
  • Retain your original image too. We'll need it if you win!
  • To enter a photo from Instagram ensure you have tagged the image in your account using #CaptureTheCover
  • To ensure winning entries fit perfectly on the cover they need to be square. Cropping is available on submission but please take this into account when framing your photo  
I'd love to see your entries so please  tag me on Instagram with @ohgorgeousbaby or by letting me know via my Facebook Page Oh Gorgeous Baby or alternatively here on this blog post and I would be happy to share it for you.

Here are just a few photos that have been added to the Melbourne section of the Capture The Cover Gallery. I'd suggest you take a look through the galleries and be inspired by the amazing photos both in your own backyard and all around Australia.  

Disclaimer: This post  was sponsored by Yellow Pages. However, I only chose to engage with  and promote this campaign as I thought it would be of interest to you, my readers.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Best Maid of Honor Toast Ever (Eminem Rap.) Eat Your Heart Out Eminem! Cool Wedding Video

Gone are the days of boring speeches and where just the groomsmen did all the talking. 
Check out this video that was filmed just a few days ago.  Jennifer Gabrielli delivers what may be the best surprise toast by any bridesmaid ever. Filmed by Ek Media Productions on June 29th 2013 at La Costa Resort, Ca. 

Did you do anything different at your wedding? Did you do a wedding dance with a difference, did someone do a speech that broke with tradition? 

These days there are no rules and I say have fun with it! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aston's Disney Cars 3rd Birthday Party - Lightening McQueen & Mater

This past Saturday we held Aston's 3rd birthday with some of our closest friends, who really are what I like to refer to as our "Victorian Family". His actual birthday was Sunday but with Mason now playing AFL we had to host the party a day early. As usal I did the mad dash the few days before the party trying to organise everything, and the night before everyone pitched in and helped put everything together.  My friend Rarni helped me so much with the who party and I just want to know I really really appreciate it. Putting this party together for Aston really meant the world to me, so thank you so much Rarni. xx  

As the kids get older I think parties are becoming more and more fun. Aston really loved his birthday this year and some of the facial expressions he had through out the day were priceless! Nothing really can compare and it is hard to explain how it makes you feel to see your kids so happy.  Everything is so worth it when you get reactions like we did from Aston. His little eyes went as wide as can be, and he used many phrases such as "what tha?!" "that's cool" and "Wow" just to name a few. Those moments totally made my day. 

It was really important to me to give Aston a party this year as the past 2 years  haven't really gone as planned. His 1st Birthday was ruined when I got sick and much of the things I had planned didn't happen at all, which I found really disappointing. Then for his 2nd Birthday I was on pregnant and on bedrest, so I wasn't really able to do much for his birthday that year either. I know many people will say "it's just a birthday" and "he won't remember it" but the Mum guilt holds me over a barrel and makes me feel horrible. 

I really can't believe that Aston is 3 years old! It was when I was pregnant with him that I started this blog, it was so I could update people on what was happening in my high risk pregnancy in one place, rather then the mass of social media and forums I visited at the time. What a gorgeous boy have been bless with. He has an amazing spirit that often tests me, but he has the most amazing smile and gorgeous eyes, that remind me alot of his Dad. He has such a funny sense of humor and makes me laugh every day. 

Thank you to our Victorian Family who celebrated with us, to those that couldn't make it because you had something else on or were interstate we hope we can catch up with you soon. 

I've put together some pictures from the weekends birthday party, make sure you check out Aston's face in some of the photos. PRICELESS!  

Aston LOVED the printable invite that we used. He loves Mater and Lightening McQueen.

I used a racing flag and a printable that was suppose to be used on a water bottle as our 
party entry way.   

Our Thank You bags were a simple black bag with a 
Thank You printable tag attached to the front. We filled the bags
with a various lollies and a couple of balloons.

 Happy Birthday Cars Printable was apart of the package. 

This is Aston's 3rd Birthday cake that Adrian and I made. 
We are super proud of how it turned out and seeing Aston's reaction to it
was the best thing ever! 

Our beautiful friends Paige and Billie came along to Aston's birthday party. 
So appreciate them taking the time to celebrate that day with us. 

We had a hotdog stand at Aston's party. It was super easy to set up and I'd 
recommend it to anyone who is hosting a party. Everything can be prepared in advance, all you have to do is 
keep the hotdogs warm.  

I only did basic decorating with the 2 windows dressed like this at the party and the 
table with the food. It saved so much time and so much mess to clean up at the end of the day! 

Aston gives his birthday the wink of approval. 
In background you can see Poppers or what Victorians call Juice Boxes? I
added the water bottle wrappers to them instead and the kids LOVED them. We 
had lots of CARS Lightening McQueen's Piston Cup filled with Mater's tow cables 
which was really just red licorice. 

A big smile from the most gorgeous boy dressed in all things Lightening McQueen.
In the background you can see 'Mater's Taters' which is just chips or crisps. 
We had home made butter cupcakes with Lightening McQueen red frosting/icing, which were topped 
with black and white checked racing flags. One of the other simple party foods we 
chose were popcorn that were served in popcorn boxes. The kids loved it!

Nuts N Bolts were made up of bullets and smarties at Aston's CARS themed birthday party.

A picture I took earlier before the hotdog stand was added to the candy buffet

Some of my favourite photos from the party. Aston's face is just priceless and the 
reaction from his little friends around him are just gorgeous. 

These Traffic Lights were a big hit. I did the time saving mummy version with
Tim Tams and Smarties, where as other Mums may cook brownies and add smarties. 
I think my version was pretty smart. 

So there you have it,  I can't  believe that Aston is 3 and his birthday is over for another year. 
I also can't believe that I have been writing this blog for 3+years too! 
Thank you to my awesome husband Adrian who always helps me put these parties for our kids 
together. Thank you to Mason and Airlie for helping out and again a big thank you to Rarni who helped me so much too. 

I'd love to know: Do you like hosting your kids birthday parties or would you prefer do it at a playcentre or not at all? 


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