Monday, May 31, 2010

Metro Mum & LittleOne Baby Magazine

I just wanted to send a big Thank You to Metro Mum for my copy of Little One Baby Magazine. 
I was one of the lucky winners who entered their facebook comp to win one of the first editions of the amazing magazine. All I had to do was upload a pic of my 'Little One' to their fan page and the entries were judged this weekend. You should head over to Metro Mum facebook and become a fan or in facebook terms now a 'liker' (I wonder how long it will be till that is changed?)

I recently purchased the 3rd edition of Little One Baby and it is so Gorgeous!! It showcases an  amazing array of baby nurseries, an insight into what life is like with twins and so much more.  Its such a different baby magazine that its refreshing and it is printed on the most divine paper I have ever touched in my life!
I can't wait to receive my magazine in the mail so I can start looking at all the beautiful things it has to offer. Even though its not a current edition of the magazine I know it will be worth reading.

Now I have my fingers crossed that I get drawn for their facebook competition to win a $100 voucher. If I win I will be putting it towards an Il Tutto baby! Oh don't get me started on those bags I am totally in love and envy every Mum I see with one. Nappy Bag envy now that's another post right there!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gorgeous Finds at Mathilda's Market

Today Airlie and I had lots of fun visiting the Mathilda's Market. We didn't get to see everything that was on offer as per my previous post but we did have fun.

Airlie want to show you all her glittery nail polish she had painted while at the markets..not sure if you can see it in the photo but she was so excited to actually sit down and have her nails painted we just had to show you this photo!!  The nail painting was done by a company called Candy Hair which is a kids salon and party room in Cheltenham Victoria. I think Airlie and I are going to have to take a drive to check it out as it looks very cute.

We only got a chance to grab a few goodies as we ran out of time but what we did buy is GORGEOUS
two bibs for our baby bunny made by Fairy Goat Mumma
I really love the colours and hopefully we can see her at another market to pick up a few more.

For Airlie we brought a pair of pink jeans and a white top made by mini life

I wish we had more time to buy more but then again may its safer that I didn't! 

If you know of any markets in Melbourne please leave me a message as I really love checking them out.

Rush Rush Rush & Mathilda Markets

I really wish just once hubby didn't have to work when a great market was on!! It seems like every time there is something on he has to work (he only gets every 2nd Sunday off bless him he works so hard) and I have to rush around to attend, then get home for him to get to work or I just don't go! For along time I use to just not go but then started getting sick of sitting at home all the time so I have started to put in the effort to get out and about to things. Boy it takes it out of me though! Being 34weeks and rushing don't really go that well together but hey at least I got out of the house for a few hours.

Today Airlie and I left the boys at home and headed off to Mathilda's Markets which was on at the Malvern Town Hall between 9am-1pm. From what I got to see  Mathilda's Market was Gorgeous and I can't wait for the next one to come around again! In the past I have been to the Lane Cove Market in Sydney when I lived in NSW and I travelled from the Central Coast and was so very happy I did! Since we have moved to Melbourne in August 2009 I have been along to Hawthorne earlier this year and now Malvern today. My trip to Hawthorne was a bit of an experience with not knowing really where I was going (same as today) and then getting stuck in traffic due to the Fun Run that went through the tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge. They had exits blocked off and the navman just kept telling me to do a u-turn and I got very lost and upset. I finally made my way out and luckily Adrian got to work just a few minutes late.  Next time Mathilda's Market is here I might see if hubby can get the day off so I can enjoy the morning.

Airlie and I did get a  little treat though, can you guess what it was??? Cupcakes of course! I also had a coffee and Airlie had a baby chino..... Airlie said it was okay to have a coffee as it was a treat. I usually get told off if I treat myself to 1coffee a week while out because as Airlie tells me "BABIES AREN'T ALLOWED COFFEE MUM!" Just picture a 4 year old brown eyed beach babe looking girl with her hands on her hips while telling me that too! But I gotta love her cause she is just looking out for her Mumma.

Sorry no pictures of coffee or cupcakes they were inhaled and were delicious.

We also found some other goodies and I will post about them in my next post under 'Gorgeous Finds at Mathilda's Market'.

We sadly only got half way around the first room today and that was just skimming by the shops we did go past. There really are a lot of people who visit the markets and sometimes it can be tough getting close to the tables to look at things but I still enjoy attending. It can be hard with kids though (and husbands too) and that's usually why I try to go with either just Airlie or by myself. I did invite 2 ladies to come with me today but they were both unable to come.  When at the market once we got near to the 'stage' we usually have to go up and that can be the end of your shopping experience or at least for a little while while the kids get to do an activity or have their nails painted (Airlie had this done today and LOVED IT)....unless you can coax them down for a cupcake =D For anyone who goes to Mathilda's Markets they will know all about the stage if they have kids that are old enough to participate in the activities.

I think they need a big enough area for the Dads to sit down and have a coffee watching the kids while on the stage so us Mummas can do some serious shopping. A little drop off child care area to do those things if you don't have Dad with you would be handy too and make it alot easier to shop but maybe that would be too dangerous for my purse! It is lots of fun though and Airlie and I both really enjoy going... our boys not so much so we leave them at home where they are happy to be.

So all in all we had a lovely few hours out (driving from the westside included!) I hope one day soon there are more markets like Mathilda's over on the west side of Melbourne cause there really are alot of families out this way who LOVE all things boutique just like the East and South side of Melbourne too. I have lived here less then 12months and its amazing how little is offered on the west side compared to the other side of Melbourne but hopefully with growth and time will come lots of fun things over this side too.

Thanks also to Penny from MiniStyle for saying Hi to us at the market. You are even more Gorgeous in real life (if that was at all possible?!) I know Penny from running my own business online and she is always lovely. How funny that we both knew who each other was without ever having met each other before. That's the beauty of the Internet I suppose. You get to meet many lovely people and finally sometimes we get to meet each other in real life too.
Penny, we should catch up for a coffee sometime now we live in the same city!
Check out Penny's store Ministyle for lots of very very cool things for your kids.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hair Candy from A Baby Brother

I was lucky enough to win a little goodie bag a little while back from Kids In Australia and one prizes inside the goodie bags was donated by Flirty Bird. I have seen Flirty Bird around a lot online but had not seen any of the product up close until now and boy was I glad we won such a beautiful yet functional prize.
We were lucky enough to receive a collection of clips, ponytail holders and bobbies which Airlie just loves and so do I! Airlie was so excited when we opened up the package as she wasn't expecting anything and was actually really lovely and thankful that she had been given pretty new hair candy. 

We were inspired by the new hair candy and spent one night a few weeks ago home alone as Daddy was at work and Mason was away on his first school camp. We got all girly and Airlie did my hair and put in pretty much every clip she owns into my hair which was lots of fun.

I decided because the products from Flirty Bird are so GORGEOUS and such good quality that I had to buy some more. I have decided to buy some for Airlie and give them to her from her new baby brother when he arrives in a few weeks time. Flirty Bird have some great little tins you can purchase to give the hair candy tin or you can also purchase a gift case or accessory case to keep all the beautiful items in.
I went shopping today and am really excited to receive the items... I just have to make sure I make myself wait till our baby bunny arrives to give them to her! I don't think it will be long before I am back there again and can't picture myself buying anything but these good quality hair accessories again.
I also treated myself and brought a hair accessory from Flirty Bird's sister site Hair Heaven too.
Check out the websites you won't be disappointed!

Friday, May 28, 2010

handmade cooperative Mega Giveaway

I just wanted to let you know about this blog that I visit
I love visiting this blog because it showcases lots of amazing talented ladies who handcraft beauitful things for babies and kids and sometimes Mummies too!!
They are having a huge giveaway at the moment and I thought you may all like to take a look and see if there is something you would love to win.
Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Growth Scan Ultrasound 33weeks update

Okay so update time! Just a quick one as I am off to my doctors appointment now.
Yesterday we went for our growth scan to check on the weight of our baby bunny. You may have read my post HERE about my last ultrasound at 31 weeks and what happened. If not take a look it was a bit of an experience to say the least. Anyway yesterday we got in within 15mins of waiting which was amazing cause I have never gotten in so quickly to any appointment. We then had our scan which was performed by a lovely doctor who told us that everything looked great and that our baby bunny looks like he is approx 2300 grams! When she told me I didn't want to get too excited because a few weeks ago we were told that he was only 1500grams so I'm pretty sure he couldn't get that fat in just a few weeks. Although he has had pretty much everyone I know thinking fat baby thoughts for me HEHE. 
So fingers crossed he is that big and with any luck we will get to 37weeks and have a BIG BABY BUNNY!
Thanks for everyone's comments and thoughts. We appreciate everyone of them xoxo
better go maybe I will get into this appointment pretty much on time too!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A little fabric help please!

I am looking for a fabric and I was wondering if you could help me?
I have included a picture of what I am looking for and hope to find it for my baby bunny's nursery.
I haven't actually seen a fabric like this on a website or in a store but I have seen it edged on a towl when I was in a baby store over the weekend so I hope its available somewhere.
If you know where I can find this please let me know by leaving a comment below.
Thanks for your help xx

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Night Videos - Yahoo!7 TV -Fighting Spirit - Premature Birth - Premmie Baby

Please watch this 2 part video called Fighting Spirit that appeared on ch 7 last night.
My Airle was born premature at 27weeks and was 861grams = 1lb 14ozs at birth and was 792grams at her smallest. I suffered from pre eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome and this forced her birth.
The hospital in the program is the same hospital where Airlie was born Royal North Shore Sydney. Also Prof. J Morris who is shown speaking to the couple on bed rest is the OB that saved my life and delievered Airlie and helped save hers too.
I love this hospital it is because of them that my daughter is here and that I am here too.
If you can donate to this cause please look for the details on the website where the video is found. I will also look for them and post them.

I found the details

The doctors and nurses at Royal North Shore Hospital work incredibly hard to ensure that all the little babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit get the best care possible. A very big thank you goes out to all the NICU staff on behalf of Sunday Night and all the families involved in our Fighting Spirit story.
To make a donation to help babies like Toby and Maddi please call the Fundraising Department at Royal North Shore Hospital on (02) 9926 6408.

For those of you who had your baby prematurely and are looking for support, have a look at the following
A speical thought for the premmie babies and their families in NICU right now xoxxo

Sunday Night Videos - Yahoo!7 TV#fop#fop#fop#fop#fop (link to video)

33 week growth ultrasound

Tomorrow we have a big day with our growth scan ultrasound and I am filled with mixed emotions. On one hand I can't wait for tomorrow to get here so I can see my baby bunny on the big screen again but on the other hand I am a bit worried in case something is picked up regarding his slowing in weight gain and we may need to decide on delivering him. I know that if something has happened that it will be the best for him to be born but I don't want him coming out any earlier then what he really needs to be. Even though I am 33 weeks and that's a world away from being 27weeks I am still a bit worried about breathing and feeding issues he may have. He would also still have to spend time possibly in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and defiantly in Special Care Baby Unit. There isn't anything I can do but just writing about being anxious helps a little.
Thanks for listening.

The Phone Call

In my last post Crazy Days turned into Crazy Weeks I shared how there was protein found in my urine sample at my last appointment. This is cause for alarm as with pre eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome protein that should go through your placenta and given to the baby to help them put weight on and grow.  While I was out having coffee with another pregnant friend I got THE PHONE CALL from my Dr telling me that there had been protein in the further tests and that I needed to come in the next day to be monitored and to have blood tests to check for HELLP Syndrome.   So after starting to relax my chest became a little tighter again as I DON'T ever want to experience this sort of thing after what happened to me when being pregnant with Airlie.
I tried to stay calm but I'm sure it was clear to see that I was a bit on edge although I have gotten pretty good at hiding this when I need to so I can get on with the job at hand. My friend and I stayed and continued our chat and coffee which was nice because I was able to take a little time to calm down before heading home. Before we left I suggested we visit this cute little homewares store in the shopping centre. I don't go into these sorts of places with the kids as I just can't relax so this was the perfect time to take a peek. I found several throw rugs that I liked one for the baby and one for our lounge, I decided not to get them on the day as I was a bit worried about the fibers that may come out of the blanket so I am still thinking about that one. I didn't think to take photos either so I can't show you what it looks like but there was a cream, chocolate and baby blue throw. that were really soft.
After checking out the homewares store and a maternity clothing store I headed home and told hubby the news about having to go to the hospital the next day. With both kids not 100% and no one to watch them we had to plan to go to the hospital in the morning with no idea of what was going to happen or how long we were going to be there?
Thursday morning we made sure my bag was in the car and that the kids had some snacks, toys and  headed into the hospital. On the way I called the child care centre at the hospital and they luckily had a spot for Airlie which was a huge relief so once we got there we were able to drop her off to play. I can't tell you how much of a great service that child care centre is. We haven't had to use it too often but when we have had to it has been the best thing ever!   So off hubby, Mason and I went upstairs to pathology where I got my blood test done. Then I headed down to pregnancy daycare (that sounds funny) but yes is kind of like child care but for pregnant Mummies. I had to be put on a monitor, have my bp checked with 4 good readings, have an ultrasound to check fluid, provide a urine sample to check protein and get the blood results back.
While I was being monitored you could actually see that I was having little contractions too which was a bit funny to be able to see that. I am usually saying quick feel this when my tummy tightens up but now they could actually see on the monitor how frequent and how strong they were.
After being at the hospital for 4hours I was finally allowed to go home when I satisfied all the doctors requests. I was so tired I slept most of the afternoon due to not sleeping much the night before. I tried not to let the worry get to me but it has a way of sneaking up on you sometimes.

Crazy Days turned into Crazy Weeks

Sorry I have been MIA lately a lot has been going on and it seems I have gotten a few people worried due to not being around as much. Since my last post a bit has happened and I have had little time to get online and update everyone. I visit quite a few places online so trying to get to them all can sometimes be a task.  I think I really just have to start posting here and letting people know the blog is here for updates with our current situation and hopefully that helps people feel more at ease about knowing I'm okay and I won't be visiting what feels like 101 places to update everyone.

First Airlie got sick after dancing on Saturday and still hasn't  fully gotten over it yet. I have been trying so hard to keep the kids healthy but I suppose it was bound to happen. Mason also went off on his first big school trip all by himself which was a big moment! He is only 9 and this is the first time he has been away from us without a family member like my Mum or one of his Uncles. He left on Monday morning and returned home on Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately he also got sick while on camp and he also still hasn't gotten over the flu. Today has been the first day he has been back at school which is really unusual for him as he usually gets over things quite quickly. I'm happy to say they are both getting much better and will both be able to go to school, dance, footy etc this week thank goodness!

So what is baby news since my last post? After having the ultrasound at 31weeks and our doctors appointment we   were given another ultrasound date after our bub has slipped from the 50% at 25 weeks to 25% at 31weeks.
We have that ultrasound tomorrow and I am trying to think lots of chubby bubby thoughts for our baby bunny.
We have had several other appointments with our Doctor and the anesthetic team regarding our c-section and what would happen this time around if we can get to the scheduled c-section date.
At our appointment last Wednesday my Dr made a comment about how much more relaxed I looked this week. I guess I am feeling more relaxed now as we are getting closer to Term but at the same time I still know babies can still have a few issues being born around this time so I haven't totally  stopped holding my breath yet. So at the appointment all was good, my blood pressure was great and the mood in the room was somewhat lighter then what it has been in the past. I then gave a sample of urine and it was found to have protein so off I went to pathology to drop off my sample for further testing. My Doctor said she would call me if anything was wrong and then we headed around to see the anesthetic team and discussed our c-section. That was an interesting appointment as this is the first time we have had a scheduled c-section so it was quite strange talking about dates, times and what to expect. All in all it was very interesting and after sorting out some paperwork we were free to go. 
With a bit of extra time up our sleeve and no children except the on on board we went to check out a great little baby shop in South Yarra called BEBE you can also visit online at the link I have provided. While we were there we checked out a few things on my list that included a nappy bag and blankets along with a few other bits and pieces. I will do another post about the few things that have gone onto my wish list from the Bebe store.
After checking out the baby store we head across the road to a little Chinese restaurant and spoiled ourselves with a lovely lunch together. This was a big treat for us as we usually just head home after our appointments but today we just took the time to hang out with each other. We only have 1 day a fortnight together without either of the kids and now that time is taken up with appointments at the hospital so a treat at a cafe or a look in the shops together is about as good as it gets at the moment. The restaurant we had lunch in was lovely. I had a beautiful lemon chicken and rice and hubby had something lovely too.... it tasted nice but have no idea what he had now?? We had a great little lunch together and hubby got a kick out of seeing me struggle to get my food on my chop sticks but that's okay I just stabbed it with my chop stick if I couldn't pick it up! There is nothing funny about a pregnant woman who can't get the food in her mouth.  I can't remember the name of the restaurant now but its right across the road from BEBE and their address is 36-38 Toorak Road South Yarra Melbourne. Make sure you check them both out if your down that way.
The same afternoon I headed out with a friend who is also pregnant and we treated ourselves to a lovely warm drink and cake. Lucky for me Airlie wasn't around so I had a coffee, she reminds me often of the things that babies AREN'T allowed and if I am caught she quickly gives me the low down LOL
While I was out I got THE PHONE CALL but I will post about that in my next post.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

31 week appointment & ultrasound update

I just want to start off this post by saying I don't usually complain about our medical system as I am grateful for what care we do get in this country compared to many other areas around the world. I also know that everything can be improved on and hopefully we are working towards doing this. I do however stand up for myself and if I don't agree with the care I am being given or don'g agree with something I will speak to someone about my concerns. I learnt this when Airlie was in NICU and I was taught by a Doctor to be my baby's advocate and stand up for her as thats your most important job as a parent. This was the best piece advice I ever recieved and have lived my life by this ever since.
So on Monday I told you all how we were going to have our ultrasound done to check the weight of our little baby bunny. Unfortunately it wasn't as smooth as we hoped and to be honest it was quite an odd experience. We dropped Airlie off at the child care centre at the hospital (which is an amazing service to have!) She can't wait to go there if we are telling her we are going to the hospital for an appointment and bugs us to go so she can go and play at the big hospital! They offer the services to patients up until 5pm.
We waited almost 2 hours for our appointment which didn't both me as I am use to now not making plans for the same day my appointments are as I know they are very busy and I don't mind waiting as I am very grateful for their services throughout my pregnancy. So there we were at almost 5pm waiting to be seen when a lady appeared and asked us (myself and another woman) to follow her to another area of the hospital. I wasn't surprised as this had happened once before at an ultrasound area of the hospital when there are too many patients to see. They send the pregnant women down to the pregnancy day care centre where they have an extra ultrasound machine. The day care centre is where you go to have your blood pressure monitored and other high risk situation monitored to keep a check on things. So hubby and our 9 year old got into the tiny room with the lady and progressed to get ready for the ultrasound. We hadn't been in the room a few seconds and she had to dress the bed as it wasn't and start up the computer and ultrasound machine as they didn't seem to be on? The woman seem confused and wasn't sure how to turn the computer on when she turned to us and asked if we knew which button to press??? I was a bit shocked but took it as she didn't use the room often enough to know (well I was hoping it was that anyway!) The woman finally found the button and then we waited for the machine to load up. When it finally did she didn't know the password so she had to find someone else to do that. After finding someone and having them add the password in they left and then we waited a bit longer and then she wasn't sure which program to open? I was quietly starting to get a bit concerned but hoped everything would be better once we had the actual ultrasound. So we found the lady again who opened up the right program questioned if the data transferred from the ultrasound machine to the computer for the data log and we were on our way...finally!
Once the ultrasound started I tried to relax a little but didn't really feel at ease during the situation. The lady hardly spoke and when she did it seemed like she was speaking to herself. The few times she did speak to us she told us she wasn't great at getting measurements! my heart skipped a beat because the whole reason we were there was to make sure he was growing. This has always been a worry for us as Airlie was born about 2 weeks behind the average weight  then she should have due to the PE and HELLPS. Even though I haven't yet had the signs of PE and HELLPS
Luckily when it was taking so long to get in we had called the child care centre to let them know my appointment was running very behind and that if we had not gone in at 5pm we would go down and pick Airlie up. Due to going in right around 5pm we were not sure  to do as we didn't want hubby to miss the appointment but we also didn't want the ladies to have to wait for us to come and pick Airlie up either. We were 20minutes late picking her up but they were very lovely and thankfully not cross with us.

The next few days since the ultrasound hasn't left us feeling great but luckily we had our antenatal appointment today and we discussed our concerns with the doctor. The doctor was lovely and we both left feeling very confident with the excellent care we had received and felt very relieved, listened to and understood which was great after feeling so worried the past few days. It was the first time we seen this doctor but we walked away wishing we could have seen her every time! Don't get me wrong we have never had a problem with the care but you know when you just click with someone and feel very safe ... well that's how we felt today.   The doctor we saw today is also a surgeon who may also conduct our c-section. We were also given another ultrasound date as she was concerned his growth had also slowed (thank heavens some else thinks the same as me!)  We also filled in the paper work for our c-section and were also given a date to have the baby at 37 weeks. This will happen if when we have our next ultrasound in 2 weeks time the little baby bunny has kept growing at a reasonable rate. If  this has not happened then discussions will be had regarding moving the c-section date forward depending upon several things.

So all in all its been a few stressful days but today has ended with a better feeling. There is hope in the air that our baby bunny will grow and in 2 weeks time we will see a good increase in his weight. There is also bit of a buzz in the air now knowing   that we will meet our little baby boy in 2 - 5weeks time!

Ah I have so much to do still with his nursery and just general bits around the house so when he arrives I can be with him and not worry about little things around the house.

We now have to sort out as best as we can care for the kids for when I have a c-section either in 2 or 5weeks time. We don't have family locally and our closest family member is 6 hours away. My family live interstate 17 hours drive away so hopefully we will have someone from our family come to help when the baby arrives. If none of our family can arrive either in time we have a couple of friends we can call on here I just hate to ask when they have their own kids, jobs and businesses that need their attention. I suppose I will just have to get better at asking for help though.

Anyway wow this turned into a huge post (sorry about that) but its great to write sometimes. I really believe its great for the soul.

Have a wonderful week x

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ultrasound viewing of our baby bunny today!

Today we are going to a growth scan aka ultrasound to see how big out baby boy is! At our last scan at 25+5 weeks gestation our baby bunny weigh 922grams which was a huge huge milestone for us as our little Airlie was born at 27+5 and weigh only 861grams = 1lb 14ozs .
We hope he will be around 1500 grams or 3lbs so fingers crossed for us.
What do you all think he may weigh?
I will be back to update you with some good news hopefully. xo

How do you celebrate being 31 weeks pregnant? With Pregnancy Belly Art ofcourse!

Written on Sunday 9th May 2010
So from my posts you know that I just celebrated being 31 weeks pregnant. To many this isn't a big deal and infact by 31 weeks of pregnancy many women wishing it would all just hurry up and be over with! But Not Me! Due to our last pregnancy coming to an end at 27 weeks gestation we never knew how far we were going to get with this one. So today to celebrate turning 31weeks pregnant (yesterday) and to celebrate Mothers Day with my 2 big kids and baby bunny bump we did the most beautiful art you would ever see!

My little budding artists and I took to a blank canvas aka my baby bump and we decoarted it having a great time. I have posted some pictures below to share our moment and urge any pregnant Mums out there to do something special when they meet milestones instead of just allowing it to be just another day.
We hope you like our pictures.

First we painted my tummy white so the colours would stand out.

Then Mason and Airlie got to work on painting my tummy! During the painting my baby bunny did alot of moving and kicking. I also got lots of branxton hicks contractions too.

My Mothers Day

I awoke this morning to a beautiful breakfast and lovely hugs and kisses for Mothers Day. My husband had to work most of today (10am-9pm) serving all you lucky mothers who get taken out for lunch and dinner this mothers day so think yourselves lucky! LOL I don't know how they do it but between the hours he worked they did over 900 people for lunch and dinner and they were still going when he left!
So what little time we had together was spent well and we had a lovely breakfast together. I want to send a big Thanks to my beautiful hubby and kids for such a beautiful Mothers Day. I was served up freshly made no packet mixes here! pancakes with berries and cream for breakfast with a nice cup of black tea... okay so there are some perks of having a hubby who can cook!  I also received the most precious card hand made by both the kids that are just so beautiful for words really. I will scan these in or take a picture of them to share with you tomorrow.  The rest of our day was pretty quite with me resting at home and the kids playing. Oh we did do one other special thing but you have to check out my next post to hear all about that one!!
I have posted a few photos below of our lovely breakfast together....but now I realise I didn't get a picture of hubby or me LOL I was having too much fun eating and both hubby and I were having too much fun teaching the kids naughty habits that we may live to regret.

I left my picture taking a little too late and the cream had already started to melt! YUMMY

Mason sitting up to his pancake and maple syrup

Airlie Fae is having what Mum is having!

I can't remember now if it was Mason or Airlie who started talking about eating the cream out of the can but hubby quickly commented how that remined him of someone else he knew! What? Who? Me? He He
So then this happened, but don't worry I restrained myself .... Just!
It was all funny until I found Airlie under the table later in the day and the can making that noise.
Hmmm next time maybe we should be careful what we show them!

I hope you got to do something special for Mothers Day. You don't need to be given lots of gifts to enjoy Mothers Day (even thought they are nice to recieve sometimes) today showed me that something really simple like breakfast and hand-made cards was more then enough.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day Message

I just wanted to send a HUGE Happy Mothers Day to my Mummy and all the other Mummies out there.

A very special Mothers Day shout out to Kim and Toni with their beautiful bubbas and all the other Mums who have bubs in NICU or SCBU this year.
My heart also goes out to Mums with angels this Mothers Day, Im sending lots of love to you too xo

Saturday, May 8, 2010

31 weeks today!

Im very excited today to share that I am currently 31weeks pregnant. This is such a huge milestone for my family and I and each week is a little celebration for making that extra week.
Tomorrow the kids and I are going to do something very special to celebrate 31weeks so stay tuned and please return xx

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kids Fashion Review Mothers Day Comp Winning Entry

Below is my entry into the Kids Fashion Review Mothers Day competition. I was lucky enough to be chosen as their Australian winner just a few days ago. I was delighted to be named as the winner and I have posted about my prize below.
Thank you again to Kids Fashion Review I am honored to be named the winner of this competition.

I want to nominate myself for the Mothers Day comp because I think we should all be celebrating ourselves and the things we achieve as Mums!

I am lucky enough to be the mother of 3 children and married to the man of my dreams. My children are amazing and I am thankful to be so blessed. Mason is 9 turning 10 and he is a real man and very helpful. Airlie is 4 and little miss independent and has been so since her early arrival into this world and baby number 3 is growing as we speak.

Airlie Fae was born at 27+5 weeks gestation after I suffered from PE and HELLPS in 2006. She weigh 861grams (1lb 14ozs) and was 792g at her smallest. She was alot smaller then other almost 28 weekers because of the pregnancy complications which was hard to accept at first but now I know I did the best I could and don't hold myself accountable.
I also did my best to breastfeed her for 21months after her birth which I am very proud of.
This whole experience was a life changing event in our life and it has taught me many things about myself and others.
I am now blessed to be currently pregnant with baby number 3 who I call my baby bunny.
IT was a scary to take a chance again but I am so glad we did! I love being pregnant and I am not taking a single second for granted because I don't know how long I will be pregnant for? We have met and overcame so many milestones from bleeding at 7 weeks to overcoming his sisters weight milestone @ 25+5 via ultrasound we learnt that our baby boy was already weighing 922grams!! We have also just recently overcome his sisters birth milestone of 27+5 gestation and we celebrated by having maternity photos taken at 29weeks.

Being a Mother and being pregnant can sometimes be tough and it brings before us experiences in most cases we have never had to deal with before. But I wouldn't give 1 second of it back because I know that I was made to be a mother.

I also want to make mention of those who may not have their babies with them this mothers day. Please know that my heart is always filled with love for the angels that are no longer with us. Sadly we have met our fair share of Mums and families who sadly have lost a baby and I always think of them.
I have attached a picture of my maternity shoot for you to see.

Thank you for reading my submission.

I HEART Boxes!

I got home Thursday after playgroup with Airlie to find a big box addressed to me! I love getting mail .... okay not so much the stuff that comes in envelopes (unless its a nice cheque) BUT boxes are great!!
Hubby was home when the deliver arrived so he was able to accept the package for me. He said he couldn't resist taking a peek inside before Airlie and I got home and was very impressed!!
I was amazed how big the box was and couldn't wait to take a look inside myself so I couldn't blame him for sneaking a peek.
I won this prize for a competition I entered at Kids Fashion Review.

I have posted some pictures of my prize below so you can all see the amazing prize.

I will post some other pics of me enjoying the Edible Blooms a bit later too.

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to Kids Fashion Review  and Edible Bloom for my amazing prize. It just looks delicious and I am so grateful that you chose my entry as the winning Australia Mum to receive such a wonderful prize. It is certainly appreciated and will go down a treat at the moment because this baby bump  and I LOVE chocolate very much.

I have also posted my winning entry  in the next post to share with you as well.

Wishing you all a wonderful Mothers Day xo

Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Maternity Photos are so important to me?

Some of you may wonder why maternity photos were so important to me especially because this was baby number 3 and with some the trend seems to be you do more of this sort of thing with pregnancy number 1 and do less and less with the number of babies you have. Well I am a little different because I had my first baby quite young and to be quite honest having beautiful photos taken didn't even enter my mind. Then when I was pregnant with baby number 2 I didn't get a chance to consider having pictures as my daughter Airlie was delivered at 27 weeks gestation due to me suffering from Pre Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome.
It was something that I wished we had the chance to have done but considering I hardly looked pregnant and then became extremely sick there just wasn't a chance to do so.

For along time seeing pregnant women and pregnancy photos hurt because I felt I had missed out. But as time went by I knew that what had been taken away when Airlie arrived so early was just replaced with something else even more beautiful.

I came across Robeccer McLean who owns Adori Studios about 3 years ago when I was setting up my business Moment by Moment. I told Robeccer how it felt having lost the last 3 months of my pregnancy and how important I thought it was that all women get some special photos taken when pregnant because its such a special time that you can't get back. I vowed  that IF we were ever to have another baby that I would make sure I got photos taken of my bump and do all I could to celebrate being pregnant.
When we started to met and overcome many of our milestones I was reminded again about having pictures taken and rang Robeccer. Due to my health I wasn't allowed to travel and lucky for me Robeccer could visit and take photos for us here in Melbourne.

Thanks for sharing in our amazing belly pics.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Maternity Photos With A Difference!


I wanted to share with you a very special moment in my pregnancy. I recently celebrated my ever growing belly and the many milestones that we have met and overcome in this pregnancy by having maternity photos taken. I was 29 weeks pregnant when these photos were taken and although we still had 11 weeks to go in our pregnancy we have achieved so muchThe Maternity Shoot was done by Award Winning Photographer Robecca McLean from Adori Studios. Robeccer knew just how much this shoot meant to me and she was a dream to work with. The shoot took place in various locations around Melbourne Australia.

I am so glad I took the time to have these photos becuase words can truely not describe how I feel about my pregnancy but I feel these photos do a pretty good job of it!
This is just a sample of the pictures I have had taken. I will upload a few more to share with you soon.

A HUGE Thank You to Robeccer, I am forever greatful to you for capturing my pregnancy. I also wish to thank my husband and my 2 beautiful children who also came along to the shoot and shared in this special moment with me.


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