Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our 1st Snow Trip

I have never been to the snow before but I have always wanted to visit. Well I should say I have never been to a snow field before. I have seen snow but that is the bit of snow that fell when I was a kid in my home town and really it wasn't that much.  So after a friend shared her pics on facebook I decided we should do it before another season passed us by without a visit. 
Luckily between our gorgeous friends here in Melbourne we were all kitted out in snow gear and all we had to do was hire some toboggans. The hire of 2 toboggans  at a local hire place just out of Marysville cost a whole $12 for a large and small toboggan and parking cost us $35 park at Lake Mountain resort.
We packed our snacks and lunch before we left to save $ which was lucky as it coast $12 for 2 small coffees and a 600ml bottle of drink that we did buy! We did treat ourselves to a yummy breakfast or rather our 2nd breakfast as Airlie called it.
We had lots of fun riding the toboggans,making snowmen/snowladies and having snowball fights. Hubby played with the kids first while I sat with Aston. I then had a play while he watched Aston. We didn't take the pram as we didn't think we would use it but I will take it next time as there were plenty of families there with their pram. It was so much fun riding the toboggan with the kids and allowed me to chill out and let my hair down and relax on the snow and I really enjoyed myself. I can't wait to go again next year when Aston is a bit bigger so he can play in the snow too.
Check out our pics below.

The area we went to was where the fires went through on black Saturday almost 2 years ago. Driving to the resort was lovely but it was a bit sad too because you could see where the fire had been. In Marysville everything was brand new because the whole town had burn to the ground.  Inside the Ski Resort lodge they showed with pictures what has been developed since the fires. It is amazing that the lodge was the only thing that didn't get burnt considering how close the fire came. It was good to go and spend money in an area that really needs support after the fires and we hope to go back and further support them too.
 Driving through the gate to the Resort
 All the trees that were burnt on the side of the road. There were lots of 'fluffy' trees with new regrowth which was good to see.
 Some of the new areas being built at the snow resort
 The Ski Lodge that survived the fires
 My gorgeous big boy Mason
 Airlie and Adrian up to no good making snow balls
 Ready, Set, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Airlie had the right idea
 A toboggan race
 Aston was warm!
 Our snowman!
 Haha Adrian took this picture of Mason pushing me on the toboggan.
 Adrian and Aston hanging out
 My Gorgeous Snow Bunny
 This is one of my fave photos! Airlie and Mason making snow angels. Airlie was moving her whole body so fast I just wish I had of got it on video haha
 My baby boy Aston
 Our 2nd family photo
 My Gorgeous Family xoxoxo
 my baby boy and I

Another awesome family day out. I am so blessed to have lovely friends and the most gorgeous family in the world.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A belated Fathers Day at Phillip Island

This Father's Day my husband had to work....actually every Father's Day, Mother's Day, Boxing Day and any day that a restaurant is going to make money he has to work....even when its his RDO! He works so hard we wanted to do something special for him this year so the kids and I surprised him with a Sunday pass to Phillip Island V8 Super Cars which was held the weekend after Father's Day.
He was so surprised when we gave him his tickets and it was so good to give him something he would actually enjoy!
The night before we packed snacks, sandwiches and drinks for the whole family.  Sunday morning we got up early packed up the car and off we headed to Phillip Island. We got to explore more of Melbourne along the way which was also good too. As we got into town we stopped at the Chocolate Factory....okay it was only 9:00am in the morning but I thought they would have pancakes and chocolate sauce or something... but NOTHING! I was heartbroken but we still grabbed a coffee and brought some chocolate for the day
We got to the track unloaded the kids,the car and all the bits and pieces you need for 3kids!
It was an excellent day and I would recommend it to anyone to check out. The track has plenty of spots to take in the race on chairs or picnic rugs and we were lucky enough to do this under a lovely blue sky.
Aston spent most of the time in the pram and only got out for feeds. The big kids played while we watched the race and we all had a really enjoyable day. The event was really family friendly and they even had little mini jumping castles inside a large shed for free for the kids. This is our second V8 Supercars experience with the kids and both have been very good experiences. Our 1st was at Bathurst in 2000 when Mason was 6 and Airlie was 10months old.  It too was a really good experience and everyone was really friendly and helpful.
Check out our pics below.
 Phillip Island is known for penguins but knew you could get chocolate ones?
 Aston and Daddy having a chat at the Chocolate factory.
 Airlie in front of a man made out of car parts
 Mason liked this ute and Airlie just loves to pose!
 The day had lots of action including the V8 Utes which were lots of fun to watch. Those boys and the one female driver really push it around the track.
 Holden and Ford Fans in this family always makes for a fun race day.
 My Gorgeous Husband and Baby Girl Airlie Fae watching the last laps just by the finish line.
 Mason was impressed because Holden won and Mark Scaffe was one of the drivers. I was also happy cause Vodaphone was also a winner but shhh don't tell Adrian, since they have gone to Holden we shouldn't go for them now Haha.
Aston hanging out in the back of the car just before the road trip home.
An Awesome Family Day Out!!

So they call this the post baby hair cut!

Why didn't anyone ever tell me there was such a thing as the post baby haircut? This is my 3rd baby and I have never heard of this before?? Maybe its because when I had my first (19) I was so young I must have missed all that! Then my 2nd came along 12weeks early so I had no brain space to even consider getting a hair cut...actually I don't even think I got my hair cut for most of that year. Now if I had of known this with number 3 I would NEVER have gone near the hairdressers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its been a little while since I got my hair cut and I have to say I am NOT a fan. I don't know what I was thinking?? Well actually I do know what I was thinking... I need a holiday, I need a make-over, I need to diet, I need to exercise, I need a haircut! oh yeah and some sleep would be good too!!  I kept saying to my husband I wanted to get something done but I always hate to spend money on myself cause I think we can use for other things for the kids or the house or another bill. While out on the spur of the moment after he urged me to go in and do something for myself I went in to one of those places you don't book appointments to get your hair cut. I know I know not really a smart moove but hey whats a girl to do when in the past it costs WAYYYY to much money to get your hair done and you feel guilty for spending the money? So they could fit me in then and there so I didn't really have time to back out. After telling the lady I liked the hair cut Anne Hathaway has from the Devil Wears Prada (I say long hair with fringe- she hears short hair with kinda fringe!) she starts to cut my hair and I start to feel a bit sick and want to yell STOP but I just sit there and tell myself it will be fine! After seeing what seemed to feel like bags full of hair cut from my head and fall on the floor(honestly it was bags full now I think about how long it was) I left the hairdressers with VERY Very very short hair! well the shortest I have had ever I think or in a very LONG time anyway.  I was in shock and to be honest have cried many times about my hair cut. My husband always says "don't worry its only hair it will grow back!" but honestly I just feel horrible with it.  I had a glimer of hope when a girl from playgroup said she seen a sign about models for hair extensions at another local 'proper' hairdressers. I got all excited and rang them but it was a spot that allowed you to get half price hair extensions.and get this for $800....um excuse me and they were half price! I told the lady sorry I was a Mum of 3 and couldn't afford that and even if I did I probably would never spend that sort of money on me anyway! Lucky she understood where I was coming from and sadly the hope of getting my hair back was gone.
Anyway after much pestering from lovely friend Lily(that girl just don't give up!) LOL I am finally posting a pic to show you what it looks like. I feel sick!
The below photo was taken tonight by my big boy Mason.
The onesie was made by a friend at my baby shower...another blog post in the making.Aston is 14weeks old on Wednesday!

Lots and Lots of Style

Style MILK
I have been meaning to share this link for such a long time now and finally I am getting around to it! 
Style MILK is a blog dedicated to everything that is stylish and inspirational! Fashion, Interiors, handmade and kids style…if it is beautiful in design then it will be featured on Style MILK! We feature Australian Fashion Designers as well as the very best in international Style. Inspired by Inside Out magazine and other fantastic publications Style MILK also regularly features interiors and nurseries.
Below is a little about the wonderful lovely lady who writes all things StyleMilk.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jim Stynes

I watched the Jim Stynes doco 'every heart beats true' last night and I have to say what an amazing and humble man. Since moving to Melbourne I have learnt alot about what Jim has been going through via the media. At first I thought he was just some footballer hero but through out the months I have come to learn he is much more then just a footballer. I have learnt all that he has done amazing work with REACH which supports 15-25 year olds  http://www.reach.org.au/ I have learnt that he is a husband and a father of 2 young children. I have also learnt that yes he is a footballer, one that is respected for many things other then just football. Check out the website for Reach and buy the DVD of the doco because all funds go towards REACH and it is a really moving story to watch reminding you that  life is too short and to love those around you to within an inch of your life. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I found a new family... IKEA FAMILY

Family.... you know the saying you can't live with them and you can't live with out them! or is that kill them?? I don't know which one it is?? But I just had to tell you about a new family that EVERYONE is going to want to be apart of!!  IKEA FAMILY
The Ikea site says....
In store, at home or online, you can enjoy the perfect family life wherever you go.

Perfect in store.

•Free bottomless coffee every visit

•FAMILY discounts on meals in the IKEA Restaurant

•Exclusive savings on lots of products

•Weekly $250 IKEA gift card draw*

•Exclusive seminars and events

•10c donated to charity every time you swipe or scan your card

Perfect at home.

•Free store to home insurance

•Extended 12 month return policy

•Free IKEA FAMILY LIVE magazine home delivered

Perfect online.

•Create and decorate your own homepage

•Ask any questions you like and have experts answer them

•Read advice on anything you like
I have signed up and here is the LINK so you can join up too!
Very very smart company but still I don't understand why we can't buy online and have it delivered so I don't have to work out what to do with 3 kids, bring hubby along etc just so I can visit the store. Hopefully one day soon online shopping is coming..... P L E A S E ! !

Where has the time gone?

Wow where is the time going? It is almost October and there has been so much happening around here...and there is still so much more to come too. Im so sorry to all of you who had been reading my blog and then I just suddenly stopped! Finding the time and to be honest the motivation sometimes has been a task. I just need to get into the habit of actually writing on a daily/weekly basis. Its not like I don't have enough to say and share with you =-) so bare with me and hopefully I will find my grove.


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