Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm A Little Teapot Tea Party Pt 2

Following on from I'm A Little Teapot Tea Party Pt 1 I am going to share a little more about Airlie Fae's 5th Birthday Party. I really had lots of fun styling this party and I know there are loads of awesome stylists out there who have done a much better job then I have. I'm just proud that I did it! I think it turned out okay.
Not too bad for my 3rd try at styling parties.

Airlie had lots of lovely little friends come and I think they all enjoyed themselves. It was a bit hot but with the fruit, water and juice we gave them kids they kept pretty hydrated. Airlie had a Fairy pinata and we did plan to do lots of old school games including the egg and spoon race etc but it was just too hot. We did have a HUGE Princess bouncing castle by Joey McBoing Boing  and the kids really loved it!
If you live in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne look them up as they are very helpful and well priced! Tell Catalina and Ian I sent you!

Airlie was lucky enough to received lots of presents (read here the most barbies I have EVER seen in my life!) she is very grateful to have received the presents although I wish I had of asked if instead of all the gifts that the guests give Airlie a small donation to give to the Royal North Shore Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where she was cared for as a tiny premmie baby. Not to worry we will do that at another birthday party.

My husband and I made almost everything for the party and we thought it was funny that the guests ate pretty much everything and left the shop brought items. We would have had plenty of home made delicious goodies but I wanted to make sure so I opted to buying a few as backup.
Check out our cute little creations below including  Mellow Pops, Strawberry Choc cups.

last but not least our teapot cake made by myself and my husband!!


Sooze said...

It looks so great Fiona. Airlie Fae and her little friends must have had a wonderful time. Go Mummy! xx

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Thanks Sooze it was lots of fun styling the party and I think Airlie and her friends had a nice time. So proud of our cake effort too!

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An eye catching for little ones.. They are really cute!

franklin said...

Well you already did a good job on your party Fiona! And if I am one of the kid, I will surely enjoy the party! Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! Pretty Nice Teapot Party.


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