Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nina Proudman from Offspring Fashion brought to you by Birdsnest

My favourite shows on TV at the moment is Offspring that airs on Ch10.  I think one of the reasons why I love this show so much is because of character Nina Proudman, played by the beautiful and very talented actress Asher Keddie. I love Nina's drama, complexity and I love her because its just like they based her charater on a real person! Actually,  all of the characters you can relate to in some way, or very well know someone who is like them. This just makes the show even more watchable (is that a word? now!)

The biggest reason why I loveNina so much is because of her style. I am not sure how to explain why I love it so much I just do! I like pretty much everything she has ever worn on the show and would love to base some of my purchases on what she wears. I would love to know who styles Nina's wardrobe on the show as I think they are pretty smart.  I knew I wasn't alone in loving Nina or her style and today that was confirmed when I was reading Birdsnest facebook page.  Birdsnest styled 2 outfits and dedicated them to Nina's Style after a poll and feedback from its customers on facebook ( I do love a business that listens!)
Now you already know how much I love Birdnest (if you don't where have you been?) I love their website and all the gorgeous fashion they have on it. They very kindly styled an outfit for me for the Bloggers Brunch in May this year and they are just amazing at what they do! 

So now the big question is what would Nina wear? Check out the two links below!

would it be Ready for Patrick or Ready for Chris
Let me know below which outfit do think Nina should wear and who is she going to pick, Patrick or Chris?
Can't wait for tonight's episode!!


Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Thanks to TheWallAU for picking up this post and sharing it with loads of readers! please check The Wall out. said...

Love her fashion style too! Will have to check these guys out - thanks :-)

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Hi melbourne girl! I love your blog thanks so much for stopping by mine. I have never been so interested in a tv stars fashion before but I just love Nina's. defiantly check out birdsnest they are fantastic and I just love how they style outfits for us for free!


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