Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Mum's & Michael Buble Rock!

I know this video has been going around but I just think it is awesome! I just had to share it here on my blog too as I know some people may have not seen it yet, and for those who have I reckon you might not mind watching it again. I love videos like this!  This video taught me that you should never  underestimate your Mum, yourself or the fact that your hero may just give you the time of day  if someone asks them too.

Micheal Buble, you are truly a gorgeous man and a very generous one too.
Sam, I hope you go on to do great things with that voice, I can't believe you have that gift at 15 years old!
But most of all to Sam's Mum, Woohoo! you go girl!  You just made me wish even more that I have had asked Princess Mary for a photo with my daughter. I didn't want to be disrespectful and I was a little bit star struck, but next time we are given an opportunity like that I MUST keep my whits about me!

Enjoy the video.

Oh Gorgeous Baby - We find lots of lovely things

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