Friday, July 29, 2011

Biscuits, Babies, Blush & The Melbourne Bloggers Brunch

My picture of outfit I wore - only one I got unless Danimezza
the event photographer got some? You will see below why.

When things don't go to plan don't worry because Aston will share his biscuit with you!

So today has been pretty busy so far and there is still more to come!
This morning I got the 2 big kids off to school, made an effort on myself and got the little man in my life Aston ready to head over to The Bloggers Brunch. I have to say that all of that is a pretty good achievement but the biggest one of all was putting in some extra effort on myself! If you have read my blog lately you may have seen that I was having a wardrobe revamp with the help of CaznStyle. Well today was my first day of putting myself to the test and I think I went okay?  It would have been easier if I just put something on that I had put on a hundred times before but I want to make a change. This change is because I want to start looking after myself and not feel guilty about Mum's reading this will probably know what I am talking about? I also want to make this change because I want my kids to see that this is important. I especially want to learn and do these things because I never seen my Mum do this enough and now my daughter is 5 I think it is important she sees me do it.  So stick with this post and see how I went?

Aston and I headed out the door as the big kids went off to school, then we picked up Cheree and headed to the event. The traffic was awesome (Thank You Melbourne drivers for driving safely!) so we arrived early. I got Aston all sorted in the pram and headed off to the event. We were greeted by some other bloggers and put some faces to some very familiar blogs that we read which is always nice. There is something a little funny, a bit awkward but then often lovely about 'knowing' someone online and then finally meeting them face to face. You wonder how you should approach people? Do you call them by their name (if you know it) or by their blog name? Will they think you are strange if you want to hug them because you feel like you already know them really well and adore the person they are? I would say 99% of the time it all goes well (well in my case when I have met people it has...maybe they might think differently of me though?) There has been people I have 'known' online for about 5 years and we are now only just starting to meet and I am loving this because it is like we are old friends. Aston played for a while with the babysitters but then realised I was standing more then a few feet away so decided he wanted me and cried.  I decided it wasn't a big deal if I didn't sit with the rest of the bloggers because I could see and hear from the back of the room. I though to myself,  I am his Mum and he must come first!

We hung out up the back of the room and as I held him he shared his biscuit with me and patted me on the back. I had a bit of a moment with him and I just melted. I didn't want the fact that I had to look after my boy while really wanting to stay involved with everything stress me out so I didn't. I usually would become quite stressed but I just did my best. I still heard most of what the amazing speakers had to say and even though I was on the back foot I still managed to chat with all the companies at the event too.  At one moment I looked down  and my trench coat was covered in biscuit that Aston had so loving shared with me earlier. I think I kind of giggled because I had tried so hard to make effort on myself and what I was wearing and here I was covered in biscuit!

I unfortunately didn't get to network with all the amazing women in the house but I still felt really blessed to have share the space with them. Next event I hope to meet all of those girls I didn't get to meet this time and if any of you are reading my blog now I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say Hi.

Today I have walked away from this event feeling really inspired, motivated, nice due to my effort with looking after me and a good Mum.

Look out for some more posts on this event as it was awesome it is just I now have to go get ready to go to Pre Blogopolis drinks in the city and since I'm making an effort I better go!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I can't stop watching!

I had to share these videos with you today as I am just loving Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Falon.
I've always been a fan of Justin's music and his film clips and think he is very talented when it comes to music.  Now he is also acting I think he is pretty good at that too. He is certainly a man of many talents and I thoroughly enjoy watching him preform. Now when it comes to Jimmy Fallon I have only just found him but I love him! He makes me laugh so much and I don't know how many hours I have spent on You-Tube wand watching his show on the Comedy Channel on Foxtel. He has preformed some pretty funny acts including hosting a music awards where he dressed up as many of the performers who sat in the audience and watched.

These first 2 clips have awesome songs that take me back and there are so many great songs on these 2 videos I just had to show you both. They both do a really good job and if you can picture a woman sitting in her office belting out some tunes singing along, well that's what I do each time I listen to it!

The 3rd movie is of Justin dancing with Beyonce in All The Single Ladies. I crack up every single time I watch this as 'the dancers' are fabulous!  I have to say Justin Timberlake really is a versatile artist and he looks great in a leotard! haha

Enjoy! I hope this make the hump day a little more enjoyable.

I would love to know do you like either of these guys? or would you like to share who some of your favorite performers are?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Carlton Football Club gains another son

Die hard AFL football fans would be excited today to hear that Chris Judd now has a baby boy. Rebecca and Chris Judd are now the proud parents of a baby boy named Oscar Dylan but no other details have been made public yet. The birth was announced by Carlton Football Club on Twitter today.

If you don't follow AFL then you probably don't know who either of these 2 are then you are probably thinking  who are these people? Well what comes to mind is Rebecca Judd is known for 'the red dress' at the AFL night of nights a few years ago, being a Myer Fashion and she also presents on a show here in Melbourne called Postcards which is a great show for finding new places to visit locally.  Chris Judd is the Captain of the Carlton Football club.

I wonder if they will tweet a picture of Oscar Dylan? 

Dressing for success when it matters the most!

If you have been reading my blog  lately you may well have seen a few posts pop up regarding style, personal presentation and clothing. Yes it has been on my mind a bit! I think dressing for success and feeling good about yourself is a big deal to lots of people for a variety of different reasons. When I was recently approached by Ogilvy to help promote Jeans for Genes Day I thought to myself  what better time to dress for success. If there ever was a day to dress for success then this is it!  The success from dressing jeans won't only be yours when you feel great in your jeans and also for making your donation to a top cause, it will also come from Children's Medical Research being able to move closer to answering some tough questions on genes and genetic complications that impact a lot of people in many different ways. These answers could help in areas such as birth defects, cancer and epilepsy so I am sure you will agree it is just worth supporting.  

Last year around 2 million Australian's wore jeans but I say we can beat that this year! I am sure if we counted how many people wore jeans on a daily basis it would be a few more then 2 million and we should be supporting the cause that says go on wear your jeans its okay!

I've listed the details below on a few ways you can get involved in this campaign and hope to hear that you wore your jeans on 5th of August.

  • “Patch Your Jeans” Facebook App: Create your own denim patch using the ‘Patch Your Jeans’ app and share it with your readers – we’ve also attached our own patch specially made for you!  To check out the app, visit the Jeans for Genes Facebook page (

I have made a few of my own patches including the two you see here on my blog. Designing the patch is lots of fun and a really innovative way to tell all your friends on facebook about this cause. 

  • Become a Fundraising Genie: Organise a fundraising activity at your home, office, school or community on Jeans for Genes Day.  It could be as simple as asking your group to wear jeans on Jeans for Genes Day and make a donation.  To get a free Genie Kit, visit the website to register:

  • Wear Denim on 5 August and Share Your Pic: Remember to wear denim on 5 August, share it on Facebook and tag Jeans for Genes in the photo so it can be shared with supporters of the campaign!

So remember Friday 5th of August 2011 is Jeans for Genes day please support it because you know you will feel great if you do!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wardrobe Styling + Revamp = Confidence!

Out with the old and in with the new...well that's what I thought was going to happen when CaznStyle came to help me sort my wardrobe out recently. I needed some help as I have recently lost quite a bit of weight after having my son 13months ago and lets just say most of my clothes were at least 2 sizes too big! I couldn't see how much I had lost even though people were telling me so and I think the clothing had a lot to do with it. I also felt like when I shopped I was buying the wrong things (Caz now tells me this isn't so) or I was buying things that didn't last long and this annoyed me. I wanted someone to work with me on how to choose the right type of clothing for my body shape as well as help me get the old stuff out first before I brought new things.

Now there were some things that got 'donated' but I was pleasantly surprised when Cazzsandra told me that I actually had lots of great pieces in my wardrobe. It was a very confronting to let a stylist into my wardrobe but she was lovely and it all worked out really well. I have always wanted to go on one of those makeover shows so someone could dress me and now I kind of have! ( but with out the TV show part) Caz helped me go through my wardrobe and asked lots of questions about my style, colours, events I was attending, how I wanted to look and feel when dressing etc. I kept telling her I didn't have that much in my wardrobe in the way of clothing or accessories like scarfs, jewellery and shoes, but she told me it all had loads of potential and that I was just missing a few key pieces to tie it all together and that I had a 'style'  Who would have though?
I found it really easy to work with Caz and we had a fantastic afternoon. What I expected to be a few hours turned into a few longer hours but we just had lots to talk about and so much in common too. I honestly felt like I had known the girl my whole life and there is nothing better then getting that feeling when you meet someone you can call a friend. I think the whole process was pretty easy for me as well  as I didn't take what Caz told me too hard when it came to some of my clothes, this was the reason she was there in the first place.

So now all we have to do is do a little bit more research on what we are needing to pick up and then we are off shopping later this week. I am really looking forward to going shopping with someone as I usually go by myself and that isn't half as fun. Caz also believes you don't need to spend a fortune on an outfit to look good and this makes me feel even better about the shopping trip. Being the Mum of 3 kids and a family on 1 wage I very often feel guilty buying myself ...something I need to get over! but not go overboard!!
I am really looking forward to shopping and look forward to updating you again soon with some more details on my wardrobe styling session and what I find when researching and on my shopping trip.

If you have any hot tips on websites to visit or stores to go shopping at please post the details below.

I would love to hear from you about any of the following questions below.

Do you struggle with your wardrobe?
Do you think you have a style and can you tell me what it is?
When was the last time you went shopping for  yourself and what did you buy?

Wish me luck!

A huge thank you to CasnStyle for all of your help with this!

My First Video Review - Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

I have been reviewing the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System thanks to soup and here are my thoughts in part 1 of my first ever v-log! I have filed several parts of a review and am finally uploading for you to check out.
Don't forget to check out this post here on the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System to receive a surprise.
Thanks for taking the time to watch and hopefully it comes across okay but remember it is my first v-log review.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cadel Evans Eat Your Heart Out!

Aston about to sprint to the finish line 

Hearing that Cadel Evans had won the Tour de France over night I was reminded about this cool shirt that Aston received  from Spin Baby.  It is super cute and he modeled it for me while we played with him on his new bike he received from his grandparents for his 1st Birthday.

I don't know about you but I think I might have a mini Cadel Evans on my hands here!

Aston clapping for himself after his win

The Spin Baby jersey was created by a Melbourne Mummy Sarah Garbuio. The business was born after wanting to dress her kids in cute cycling jerseys on their weekend family bike rides but failed to find them.
Spin Baby jerseys are suitable from children from newborn to 6 years of age and would make a great gift for children of cycling enthusiasts families. It doesn't matter if you have a baby that is not walking and in your bike trailer or using a trike. The jersey is  a must have especially since Cadel is going to be inspiring a whole new generation of kids to cycling. The junior cycling jersey also come in a variety of colours so is suitable for both boys and girls. If you have been inspired by Cadel or already love cycling then visit Spin Baby to purchase your own jersey for your little one.

A Baby in A Museum?

Aston in the reading and dress ups area.
I put a dino tail on him and then found him doing this in the mirror

Yes you read right, a baby in a museum. Imagine that? No I haven't gone crazy! Imagine a place where you didn't have to tell your kids 'Don't Touch!' constantly and it also provided them with stimulation, education and fun...yes it does exist! I finally found it and it is great! 

I Love Me As Much As You Do!

When I was first invited to a bloggers meet up at the Melbourne Museum I did take a moment and think am I crazy for considering even going with a baby who was moving around?  Well I took a chance, went along and I am so glad I did as we had the best time.

Aston learns about sea creatures and gets up close and personal with Mr Seal

I have to admit I haven't been to many museums before, maybe not since a school excursion years ago? I grew up in the country hours away from the cities where they have no museums so it was never something we have available to us. However now that I live in a capital city I am trying to take advantage of all of these things available and me and my family and at awesome prices too.

Mumma Wombat and Aston are playing Peekaboo 
I was surprised to see that at the Melbourne Museum they have a Children's Gallery that allows babies (and children) to roam free and do some exploring. This is a permanent exhibition that provides children with fun ways to learn about various things. It says on the website that it is best suited to 3-8 year olds but Aston was just under 12months old and he loved it!

Watch out Aston that looks like a hungry hungry Caterpillar!

I really think there needs to be more suggestions to families to take their younger children as it is a great environment.  It has various sections to allow children to play and be hands on so it is lots of fun for everyone.
All the colours of the rainbow grabbed Aston's attention

I spent nearly all of my time hanging out with Aston at the event so I missed out on chatting to alot of the other bloggers. He was just enjoying himself so much that I didn't want to pull him away and ruin his fun.

Aston loved this huge magnetic wall with Australian animals

I would urge you to check out the Museum with your children as it really is fun. On this visit I only took Aston into the Children's Gallery but have since returned for a full tour but that is another post. If you would like more details please check out the link below. I have also added the details on the cost of the visit as I think that is a really great price. I had all ways assumed that it would be an expensive day out so had avoided it but I was pleasantly surprised at the prices.
For general admission to the Melbourne Muesum you will pay Adults $8  & Children 3-16years FREE concession card holders are provided with free entry (this includes health care cards too)

My baby bunny has gone all dinosaurs on me and is reading a book 

A big thank you to Louisa a fellow blogger and business woman running Brand Meets Blog who organised the day along with admission into the Museum, lunch and some lovely products for us.

I also wanted to say a huge Thank you to the following sponsors

Friday, July 22, 2011

186 Entries but only 1 is tough just choosing 1!

Firstly I just wanted to say a big Thank you to everyone who has been checking out my blog lately. I am super excited to have some pretty awesome people (yes,I mean you!) reading so I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated it. I have had some awesome hits on the blog this month and I love knowing that you guys are responding to what I am writing about. If you have any topics you would like me to write about please just leave a comment down the bottom of this post or email me
I also love it when you leave me a comment and share your thoughts on topics and have enjoyed hearing from those who have left comments for me lately. Please feel free to leave a comment down the bottom of any post as I always love hearing from you and meeting new friends.

Now down to business.

Thanks to Cuski I have some gorgeous baby comforters to give away right here on Oh Gorgeous Baby.
Now my relationship started with Cuski quite a few years ago (around 5 actually) when I started imported this product. I was searching for items to stock in my online store for premature babies and I was delighted when I discovered it online.  I feel in love with the concept of Cuski and just knew I had to have it. I knew the product would appeal to loads of parents and children not just premature babies. The whole thought of being able to snuggle with a toy first then give it to your baby so they can smell you when you can't be there just resonated with me. This is because for 2 months I had to walk away from my daughter while she lay in a neonatal intensive care unit after she was born 3 months premature at just 27 weeks gestation. If I had this when Airlie was actually in NICU I would have felt a hell of a lot better leaving her. I also knew that there are loads of families out there who would also appreciate it be they working families where parents can't always be with their kids, families of extra clingy babies who might just need a little extra support in knowing their Mum or Dad can give them a little bit of comfort even when they aren't actually physically there.
After stocking Cuski in my online store and being the only stockiest in Australia I took on the role of the distributor and worked hard to get the brand out there to small boutiques. When I became pregnant with my 3rd baby (Aston) some great distrbutors in countries close to Australia took over from me so you lucky ducks can still get them here.

So as you can see Cuski and I have a little bit of history and I was delighted when Team Cuski and Mumma Cuski in particular contacted me and asked if she could send me some products to giveaway to my lovely readers. I said yes! and now I have some gorgeous baby comforters to give to you.

Just a bit of information about Cuski

The perfect gift for babies & toddlers of all ages.
Cuski Baby Comforters are designed to stimulate the awareness of your familiar scents, helping to induce security and well being, which is fundamental to your child.

The Cuski Concept 
Mummy/Daddy sleep with Cuski to transfer all their comforting scents on to Cuski’s unique material. When introduced to your baby/toddler, Cuski will create a cosy safe environment for your little one to drift off to sleep still feeling the closeness of you.

Cuski Baby Comforters are essential for those times when you cannot be with baby 24/7. Cuski Baby Comforters are a gift of love for baby and a gift of love for parents too. Now you have a choice of purchasing Cuski Baby Comforters are made in Terry/Cotton, Antibacterial Bamboo Fabric or 100% Organic Cotton.

The Winner of Cuski Giveaway

Now the winner of the 1st Cuski draw was Sharon Sandall. Sharon please contact me via email and let me know if you would like to take creamee or pinkee home with you? I also need you to add your postal details to and I will pop it into the post ASAP. I would love a picture of Cuski in action at your place if you would like to share one too? if you are friends with Sharon please let her know!

Now I still have 1 cuski left to giveaway on my blogs, oh... wait.... what's this?  Actually I have 3 left and you are going to be beside yourself when you see what the remaining two are! I will just say they are collectors editions and think of something or somebody very dear to the UK and in fact worlds heart. If you think you know who they might be post a message below.

A huge thank you to Cuski for supporting Oh Gorgeous Baby and Moment by Moment.
From the first time we did business they supported me and I am grateful for that...even if I did seem a little bit of  a crazy woman on a mission. I learnt an amazing amount about the business world and about myself during that time which has been priceless...I just need to figure out where I obtain my honors certificate for the awesome set of skills I learnt?  Friendship is something that has been a huge reward since discovering Cuski, both with the Cuski brand owners but also with many other families who have stocked the product in their stores and purchased the product and were amazed and so thankful for it. I will always remember Cuski Mumma telling me 'Little Acorns Grow into Big Oak Trees' and that has always stayed with me.

If you would like more details on Cuski and their range of baby comforters please visit their site.

Advice about Baby Comforters

I have known about the brand Cuski for a long time now and I thought it was about time I shared some tips with you thanks to the Cuski team.  We either buy gifts for our own children or others as gifts so it is hard to tell which is the best product out there to buy. I can tell you that the Cuski baby comforter is a fantastic product that I have personally used them with my own babies.

Things to remember when choosing your baby comforters...
  1. Buy more than one! You never know when your baby's favourite toy may be lost, or just need washing! Choose a comforter which is simple and consistent, the less fussy the better, check the history with the retailer to see if there have been many changes to it, as you do not want to buy a comforter which has changed when you need to purchase another after your baby has bonded with it.

    This big world and baby’s immediate surroundings are all so new and there is a lot to take in, that’s why babies love simplicity, consistency and routine. A round shape like a ball is the first shape a baby familiarises with, so the shape of the head is perfect for growing little fingers to discover and hold.
  3. If you've chosen a particular toy for your newborn baby's comforter, try to avoid anything bulky or furry, with loose fibers, removable parts or lots of fussy adornments, choose one made of hygroscopic material such as soft cotton toweling as this is the best material for retaining your scents.

    A baby needs simplicity and consistency and most importantly safety, so do Mums and Dads. For the first few months make sure this is the only toy in your baby's cot at bedtime. Otherwise he/she may adopt something else which may be impractical or difficult to replace!
  5. Before introducing your baby to his or her new comforter, sleep with it in your bed or carry it around in your clothes to absorb all those comforting mummy/daddy smells. When you place it in the cot it will help to soothe and calm your baby, feeling secure in the knowledge you are always close by...

  7. Choose a different coloured baby comforter for your second baby so that there will be no confusion.

  9. Keep a note of name and place purchased from or take website address off packaging, then if you need to buy another comforter exactly the same, it will make it easier to track down! Otherwise buy at least two I can assure you it will be a sound investment.

  11. I know if like me with my first baby you wouldn’t need dummies or any help, don’t believe it I can assure you if you don’t introduce a comforter of your choosing, then most babies will definitely adopt something from their surroundings, which may not be practical, it can even be a sleeve of their clothing or as we all know the dreaded thumb.

  13. So take heed and choose wisely and your baby will grow up contented and secure. It will make life a lot easier for you as parents giving more precious quality time to spend with your little treasures.
if you would like to learn more about Cuski please visit their website and let them know you heard about Cuski via Oh Gorgeous Baby.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keep Calm It's Offspring tonight!

Is everyone feeling a little bit anxious today? Yes!  Well don't worry because you can keep calm it's Offspring tonight. I had to share it with all my fellow Offspring fans out there as I know you will appreciate it.

Now I have mixed emotions about tonight episode of Offspring because I don't want it to end! We all know it is coming, we know there is going to be bad news yet there is no way we are going to miss it!!
Do you have any ideas on who the mystery guest will be? Who do you think Nina is going to choose?
Now just to be clear I am on the fence when it comes to Chris Havel and Patrick Ried or is that Patrick Reed? I am confused as Nina is and all I can say is I am glad it is her having to make the choice and not me!
Who's team are you with or are you me?

I also had to note that this picture was made by Monkey And Me who demanded that it be noted that all monkeys are TEAM PATRICK!!

If you love Offspring you might like to check out my other post on Nina

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

David Beckham Video explains how Harper Seven Beckham got her name?


Proud Dad David Beckham has released a video on his facebook page explaining how Harper Seven came to have her name. He looked smitten as he spoke about how having a baby girl in the house was different to having boy. He also made reference to having pink and lilac in the house. David made reference to how much thought has gone into choosing their childrens' names and went on to share how they came up with their daughters' name. He explained how Harper is an old English name that they loved and that Victoria Beckham's favourite book was To Kill A Mocking Bird and the authors name was Harper Lee.
He then explained that the name Seven was chosen not only due to the number 7 he wore in soccer for Man United and England which was surround by good luck, main reasons being that it symbolism of spiritual perfection, there are seven wonders of the world,  seven colours of the rainbow and it is known as a lucky number in many cultures.

I think it is just a wonderful story behind Harper's name and I hope more people now give them a break regarding why they would have named her that?

You can watch the full video here about Harper's name and the video on how he feels about having a daughter and a little girl in the house. He is simply and utterly in love with that little girl and he has just gotten even more attractive! I didn't think that was possible?

The Queen of Party Styling Amy Atlas is coming to Australia!

If you don't know who Amy Atlas is then I suggest you read below and get yourself acquainted with the amazing 'Sweets Stylist'.  Also look out for details on how to hear more on when she is coming to Australia!

So who is Amy Atlas?  Well if you check out Amy's Twitter she says she is an Author, Sweets Stylist, Blogger, Mum and Wife.  But with my own research  I found out not only is Amy a super talented party stylist, entertaining expert, crafting and baking stylist  that is admired around the world, but she is also someone who has a lot of heart and passion for what she does.  Her work has a certain elegance to it and she is responsible for me obtaining my party styling obsession...Thanks Amy!  
I have been an avid reader of Amy's website and blog for some time now and I am beyond excited to hear the news that she is coming to Australia!  

Amy Atlas is famous and admired for her styling the very 'in' candy buffet that are also known as dessert bar or dessert table in her event styling.  Amy's stunning work has been featured in magazines, on TV shows and far and wide across the internet by websites and bloggers in the entertaining and styling fields, oh and on humble little blogs like Oh Gorgeous Baby too! Magazines including O Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens (USA), Parents Magazine The New York Times, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides have also published the gorgeous styling ideas of Amy Atlas for her fans to admire and to introduce others to the brand new world of party styling. The gorgeous styling has also been showcased on Today Show(USA), Martha Stewart Special on Cakes, The Knot Live and many more.

A huge part of Amy's admirers find her though her blog named Sweet Designs, this is where she writes every day and provide her readers (including me!) with recipes, DIY projects, crafting and styling tips and some great behind the scenes from her event styling. The blog also has a submissions section that allows anyone to submit their own styled party to appear on the Sweet Designs blog along side other enthusiastic stylists.  There are amazing styled dessert tables both by Amy and by every day women who have a passion for all things styled. One of my favorite blog posts by Amy was when she shared how she went into a Ronald McDonald House and worked with Icing Smiles to put real smiles on the faces of families going through tough times with their kids in hospital. I have to say that when i read this post I admired Amy and those working with her just a little bit more as it truly showed how lovely they are.

Since the word got out that Amy will be coming to Australia there has been an incredible buzz around. I also know there will be some of you who want to know more details(am I right?) so please add your details to this list via the link below. {Please note}in the section it asks you where did you hear about Amy just add Australia to that so you get all the deets on her plans to come down under and meet some of her most adoring fans!  Amy Atlas Mailing List

I would love to know do you love party styling and would you be interested in seeing Amy Atlas in Australia?
I for one can not wait to hear more and will be crossing my fingers that I can go along to the big event!! Excited Much?!

All pictures are provided by Amy Atlas and we thank you for such wonderful eye candy!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

David Beckham Facebook Picture of Victoria and Harper Seven

David Beckham has just facebooked a picture of his gorgeous wife Victoria and his daughter Harper Seven.  The photo is beautiful and I think it might quite possibly be the most wonderful picture I have ever seen of Posh Spice!  Loving seeing these photos come through just like we 'normal' people do when our babies are born. Huge congrats to the Beckhams again.

Did you tweet or facebook about the birth of your child?

Harper Seven Beckham First Baby Photo Tweeted


Victoria Beckham has just tweeted the first photo of baby Harper Seven and her Daddy David Beckham
Victoria tweeted  ' Daddy's little girl ZX VB X'

Isn't that just a gorgeous picture! I really love how the celebrities are tweeting their pics of their babies.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Munchkin Nappy Disposal System + A Surprise

Have you ever used a nappy disposal system before? I hadn't until recently, but I am currently trialing  was the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System because thanks to Soup and being apart of their Soup Bloggers Project.   Soup has invited me to use this product and then to share my feedback about it with my readers. Stay tuned for more of my thoughts on the system soon. If you would like more details on how to get involved with reviewing products please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Before I share my feedback here is some information about the Munchkin NDS;

·         A spray of baking soda is released from the hygiene vent once the lid is closed to absorb dirty nappy odours, sealing them inside. 
·         The self locking sealing system stores nappies away quickly and without fuss.
·         No need to get ‘up close and personal’ cutting or tying bags. The NDS does it for you – snapping shut, sealing and disposing of dirty nappies. Presto!
·         Designed to be used with one hand, so you can carry your baby in one arm and use the NDS with the other.
·         Each refill fits up to 25 newborn nappies, so you change the bag roughly every 4 days (more economical than the other brands on the market). Munchkin’s NDS is already going great guns in the U.S., now Aussie mums can try it too. It’s available online exclusively at, and can be bought off the shelves from the end of July/beginning of August.


Now I have a little gift for you so you can try the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System too. 
Follow the details on the card below to get the discount code and purchase the nappy disposal system at sale price. You will save a huge $25 of the RRP of the system so check it out! 

I will be back with another post after a little more trialing of the product, but so far it is shaping up to be pretty handy. I am loving that each time I change Aston I don't have to take the smelly nappy outside in the freezing cold! Would you believe it is currently 0.4 degrees here in Melbourne so the thought of going outside just sends shivers up my spine! 


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