Friday, August 26, 2011

Melbourne Mamma's Market Wrap Up

I love a good market and it seems Airlie (my 5 year old) is also developing a love for them too. I love to search through the little stalls filled with beautiful products and find gifts(usually for my kids) I usually also gives me a little bit of ME time or sometimes MUMMY & ME time with Airlie, which is nice. 
Now this market was a little different, it was a end of season children's designer labels market who had between 50% - 80% off the RRP. Just imagine just having to attend 1 place to pick up all the bargins! I found it and I found some bargains too.
Airlie and I 

On Sunday 21st August we headed over to to the Melburne Mamma's Market being held at the Ukrainian Hall, Russell St Essendon.  The building was lovely inside, I just wish I had of taken a picture!  I love old buildings and the inside of this hall was gorgeous.  Before entering Airlie and I made a deal that I would get to look at the market stalls first before going and participating in any of the children's entertainment. I've learnt my lesson as too many times when attending markets I get stuck at the kids activity table. Don't get me wrong, this area is a godsend! But, when you can't leave for fear of her doing a tantrum you kind of try to aviod getting yourself into that situation. Now she is old it is much better though so we negotiate and stick to those rules while at the market. 
Airlie enjoying some cupcakes, playing with the fairy from Fairy wings and wishes  and painting 
Searching through the abundance of designer children's clothing and accessories, Airlie helped me find something for her brothers and for herself.I was impressed to find a variety of sizes at this market too. I usually go home from these sorts of events with loads of things for Aston and Airlie and nothing much for Mason, he is outside a lot of children's clothing stores and designers age and size ranges.

I was lucky enough to pick up the following bargains on the day

A gorgeous Alex & Ant dress from Babies & Kids  for just $15 down from $85! for Airlie
2x Levi boys jeans for $50 wort in excess of $100 RRP for Mason from
Sticky Fingers Children's Boutique

Oishi-m jeans and shrug for $45 for Aston  
RRP of $115

We ended the day with some delicious cupcakes from Sweet Cravings and also grabbed a lovely coffee and babycino down the road from cafedenaro  . While grabbing a coffee the owner of the cafe took down the delicious details of Sweet Cravings as the cupcakes had everyone's mouth watering. I hope they stock them then I can go there to buy more! They are one of the best tasting cupcakes I have eaten and I really enjoyed the frosting.

We had a lovely day and can't wait till the next Melbourne Mamma's Market
A big congrats to Tracey who put the market together too.

Blackmores & Baby Owl Hamper Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway and for reading my review on the Blackmores products Review & Giveaway - Taking Charge & Valuing You 

I have chosen PAM as the winner and she will be receiving the hamper you can see below. 

Thank you to Blackmores and to you again for supporting Oh Gorgeous Baby I really do appreciate it. 

Munchkin Nappy Disposal System Giveaway Winners

Thank you to the readers who entered the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System,  I really appreciate your support reading my blog and participating by entering my giveaways and commenting on my posts.
We had both email and blog entries on this giveaway, and there were some excited Mums who thought this would make a great addition to the nursery at their place. By far the Mums agreed with me saying they thought the push/ pull button action would be a great feature.

The 2 nappy disposal systems from munchkin are... Toni  and Susie
Both have been contacted and their prize will  be shipped to you directly by the brand ASAP. I hope Toni and Susie find this product a help to their daily lives and would love to hear how they find it.

If you would like to purchase this nursery product you can for a discounted price! You can purchase the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System has a special offer for Oh Gorgeous Baby readers.
You can purchase your very own system at BABYNEST  with $25.00 off the RRP grabbing it for just $54.99. (use promo code discount above at checkout)
You can also purchase 3 packs of the  Munchkin Nappy Disposal Refill Bags for a special offer of 25% OFF! This gets you 3 boxes of refill bags for $49.47 instead of the normal RRP. This is a website special so you don't have to provide a special discount code for this.

Lastly if you haven't seen my previous blogs about this product please take a moment to check out my v-logs (where I talk on camera and show you how to use this product) I have popped the links below for you to visit them and I've also added some product details below.

My First Video Review - Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

V-Log Giveaway + Features & Benefits of Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

Munchkin Nappy Disposal System Details.
The design team at Munchkin have created the new Nappy Disposal System, designed specifically with mom in mind. Bags are easy to load, and tossing dirty nappies is quick and easy. The patented self-sealing system tightly seals the bag and locks odors away, while the baking soda cartridge safely absorbs odors and dispenses natural baking soda each time the lid is closed. A full cartridge lasts over 90 days, and refilling is simple (no need for a separate deodorizer). Each bag holds up to 25 diapers and is easy to snap, seal and toss when full. The pail comes fully assembled and includes 3 Refill Bags. The odor-eliminating power of baking soda combined with this clever and easy-to-use design make NDS by Munchkin® the perfect Nappy Disposal system for today's busy parents and caregivers. -Powered by odor-eliminating baking soda -Patented self-sealing system seals the bag as the lid closes -Easy, one-handed use -Just Snap, Seal, and Toss bags to dispose -Includes 3 Refill Bags

Friday, August 19, 2011

Find Out What Your Worth is & Win an iPad 2

Sometimes I feel undervalued when it comes to the things I do around the house, I'm sure I am not alone in feeling like this. When I think about what others are paid in some jobs I wish Mums were given the same respect. Unfortunately at this stage Mums aren't paid a dollar value on what we do (hugs = big dollars in our house though!) but I have found a company that has recgonised how much Mum are worth and are willing to pay. Plus if Mum wasn't there to do it then who would?

Win an iPad 2
After hearing about this in the media and meeting the company at the bloggers brunch I decided to visit the Million Dollar Woman website. It took just 60 seconds to work out my 'worth' by using their
Domestic Goddess Worth Calculator  which calculates the value of the tasks I do at home.
Below is what I am deemed to be worth and I have to say WOW!

I'm Worth $1890 a week. What's your worth? 
Mothers have always wondered what the dollar value would be on all the things they do at home and now Million Dollar Woman have. Doing this little exercise made me think about the previous situations we have been in and how this really could have helped. We have lived away from family for the past 10 years due to work and I don't like to ask friends to help out when they already have so much on.  Million Dollar Woman have designed the Day-to-Day Cover which allows you to claim a benefit if you are sick or injured and can't preform any two or more of designated tasks for more then 14 consecutive days. These tasks include preparing and cooking meals, house cleaning, washing, shopping for groceries and caring for your kids. You can be paid between $500 and $900 a week under this cover and it costs from $1.50 a day. I think it is also important to note that if you do take out this coverage and you do have to use it then the money is paid to you unlike a health insurance claim. This means you choose what is important and what needs to be paid for so you can control what is best for your family.
If you would like to read more please visit the link below to find out your worth and more details about the cover.

Do you ever feel undervalued as a Mum sometimes? Do you hear about others who are working outside the home, getting paid a salary or a wage and think imagine how much it would cost my family to pay me for what I do?  Check out the Domestic Goddess Worth Calculator  and tell me what's your worth?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Designer Melbourne Market Sunday 21st August

Get along and visit the HUGE Designer Melbourne Mammas Market this Sunday.
Designer label kids sale featuring 30 of Melbourne's favourite children's retailers together in one convenient location for a MASSIVE end of season SALE!
50-80% off everything!

Clothing, shoes, accessories, maternity & more — 0-14 yrs

More than 80 designer labels

Sunday, 21 August 2011
10.30am - 2.30pm (VIP Entry from 10.00am)
Ukrainian Hall, Russell St Essendon

VIP tickets available for prepurchase only from Melbourne Mammas Market VIP TICKETS

Mission: To promote local businesses and pass on fantastic savings to Melbourne families.

Why buy elsewhere when we have so many amazing retailers & designers right here in this magnificent city of ours! 

For more details visit Melbourne Mammas Market

Aunty Rozzy & The Incredible Edible Reciplease

Reciplease? Yes, Reciplease (Recipes) is a cool innovative way to get children on board with eating healthy. 
Through a personal experience with her own nephew, Aunty Rozzy has chosen to teach children that healthy eating is fun! She does this through her music which is accompanied by her books too. This engages children through singing and dancing while teaching them about healthy choices when it comes to eating fruit and vegetables. Aunty Rozzy currently has two titles in her collection which include Nanna's Carrots and The Incredible Edible Alphabet.  

I personally came across Aunty Rozzy at the recent Bloggers Brunch and I was interested to hear how this works?  I have to admit I am pretty lucky with my kids right now as my 2 older kids (10 & 5) eat pretty much all vegetables and our 13month old does a pretty good job too. We are often praised by our family and friends when it comes to our kids eating habits, but it hasn't always been that way. Over the years we have had our struggles with each of them but we have overcome this by trying to always keep the fruit and vegetables accessible. As a family we already eat quite well when it comes to main meals but I do feel we fall down a bit in the snack department. I am looking forward to learning some tricks from Aunty Rozzy to help us out in this department. Aunty Rozzy has a selection of  Reciplease  to try at home and there is also lots of Awesome Activities  for kids to play online or print out so you can work on many levels at teaching them about healthy eating.
The book Incredible Edible Alphabet is a lovely book that is beautifully illustrated. It is filled with catchy rhythmic words all about fruit and vegetables. It also comes with an audio CD with that very same rhythmic tune so your children can sing along to the song and learn whilst having fun.

I really liked the Calendar that I recieved that gave you a visual of the fruit or vegetable that is in season now and if you visit the Reciplease link you will also find a healthy treat to make too.

The book Nanna's Carrots also comes with an audio CD that has the kids singing along with the book.
It shares how lots of different characters each different things but that they all LOVED Nanna's Carrots! It teaches the kids about the different things you can make with carrots and how yummy they are. Then Perry (the parrot) travels to Paris and doesn't like their carrots so he goes home and has Nanna's Carrots.

Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat fruit and vegetables?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids Business Bloggers Brunch 2011

So what is a Bloggers Brunch? Well the easiest way to explain is with this clip below.
Here is a short video to tell you all about it the event I attended. It highlights why brands want to talk to bloggers and why bloggers enjoy attending such events.
I feature in the clip standing around a round table talking with some fellow bloggers as well. There are loads of familiar faces on this clip if you are from the blogging world and if you aren't take note of those who pop up on the screen I will tell you about a few more later too.

This event was made possible due to the following businesses
Event was organised by

Cute, but would you want to share your bed with him!

meet my bed buddy the dust mite,
have you met his cousin staying at your place?

Well he might look cute enough but I don't want to share my bed with him any longer!  After reading the details on what lives inside my mattress and pillows I am just a little bit freaked out!  I always knew in the back of my mind that there would be some nasty things in there because we have owned it for about 10 years now but I just never knew how bad. We should replace our mattress(god knows my back would love me for it)  but they are so expensive to buy it gets put to the bottom of the list. Thankfully the kids have relatively new mattresses, but I want to buy them a mattress protector too.

I have recently been trialing a Cotton Terry Fitted Cot Mattress Protector on Aston's cot and have found it a very good product. I was shown how the product worked by a demonstrator and then took it home to test.  Below I have put together the 5 top features I love about Cotton Terry Fitted Cot Mattress Protector I love

  •  it is a fitted sheet - have you tried to make a cot with a flat sheet & then let a squirming baby sleep on it? 
  • Machine washable - who has the time to hand wash stuff?
  • Dryer friendly - if mine hadn't just died I would take full advantage of this
  • Waterproof - Even though my baby is in nappies they can leak and he can get clever and take it off!
  • Breathable - this is a big thing for me when shopping for bedding with the kids
I also checked out You-Tube and thought I would share this video below of the mattress protector in action.

A big thank you to Protect-A-Bed for providing me with the product to trial at the Bloggers Brunch
Stay tuned for a giveaway from this company very soon.

Anne Hathaway Performs Anti-Paparazzi Rap Song on Conan

Ann Hathaway rapping a song she made up about the papaarazzi after having to deal with them while filming the new Batman movie. Ann is one of my favorite actresses and she just got even cooler!

Wilton Cake Decorating with your iPad

Okay I am jealous on two levels right now! Firstly, I don't have an iPad (BOO) and Secondly, that means I can't use this iPad App (BOO Again) If you are lucky enough to own an iPad now thanks to Wilton you can use it to decorate cakes! Okay, so its not going to actually decorate the cake for you...sorry! But it is going to help you with cake decorating research, shopping for cake decorating tools and inspire beginners through to the most advanced cake decorator.

I have really started to enjoy cake decorating lately and I could spend hours and hours admiring other decorators cakes, so I thought this would be a cool App to share.I received the email about the up and coming release a few months ago and have kept it to share with you now they have released it.
You can check out the You-Tube video of the iPad App below to see how it works.
I have linked you up to Wilton so you can find out more about the App and click the link from there to download it for FREE if you like it too.

Let me know if you download the App and what it is like?  meanwhile, I will keep dreaming of an iPad and this App while I run back and forth between my computer and my cakes.

10 Reasons I love Garnier Youthful Radiance Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On

Do you ever look in the mirror some days and wonder who it is looking back at you? I do! I've also been wondering who the heck has moved in below my eyes and why they aren't paying me rent yet?!  Now I'm not sure if I have been looking 'old' for a long time now or if I have just started realising it lately? But all of a sudden I am really feeling it, especially when I look in the mirror and see the dark circles under my eyes. As a Mum of 3 aged 10,5 & 13 months I am busy and I am not known for really looking after me or my skin very well...well not yet but I am trying! 

I was given the Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On to test and until now I hadn't used anything on the bags under my eyes. I can really notice a huge difference now and I love how it feels when you apply it! The cooling massage ball really stimulates the area under my eyes and yes, it really does feel cold! I feel so much better after putting it on, it actually feels instantly better.No one has told me I have dark circles lately either, so it must be working!  Yes don't you love it when people comment on how tired you look? I have to say I loved that this product is a 2 in 1 eye cream that combines a care for your eyes as well as a cosmetic cover up as too many products tend to confuse me. 

Top 10 Reason why I loved this product 
~ easy to apply
~ SIMPLE! 2 in 1 products make me happy and don't confuse me
~ reduces puffy eyes 
~ covers up dark circles
~ small enough to put in my bag
~ tinted concealer to blend in with my make up
~ UV protection with sunscreen
~ I love coffee & now my face does too!
~ costs less then $20
~ Available at supermarkets, pharmacies, variety & independent stores. 

I really love this product and use it daily. I will continue to purchase this as well as I am rewarded with results which is always good. GARNIER Thank You so much for sharing this product with me at the  Bloggers Brunch I hope more Mums get out there and try this product as we all deserve to feel refreshed and good about ourselves.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our children deserve protection!

The horrible news that a killer has finally been charged for the murder of Daniel Morcomb has raised emotions in even the strongest of people. When I fist seen the footage Sunday morning I had tears well up in my eyes, I was in a bit of shock and then I got angry. I am sure I wasn't the only one feeling these emotions, but I was surprised at how I felt hearing the news. This story has been a prominent in the Australian media for almost 8 years so I think we have come to ' know' the Morcomb family and care for them. I think we also held onto the hope that Daniel was still alive, just like Mrs Morcomb did and we were all gutted to hear otherwise. They are a 'normal' family, just like you and me. No one expects this sort of thing to happen to them or in their town.

I first remember this story as I was in QLD and in the area when the story broke. My husband and I had just married and we had spent a few days on the Sunshine Coast before heading North to the Whitsundays. Every year around that date I do tend to think of him because of my wedding anniversary, and also because my birthday is around the same time he went missing too. Throughout the years we have participated in wearing red for Daniel when we lived on the East Coast but since moving to Melbourne 2 years ago we haven't seen it too much down here. I really think it would be a great idea for the Education departments of each state to use the day each year to help educate children and families on child safety.

There has been many reports in the media about Daniel in the past few days so I have again used this reminder and have spoken to our kids about child safety. Airlie also brought out the book I purchased from Australia Zoo called Angel Ellie, it is a book that teaches children about safety when a stranger engages them. I have read it so many times to the kids because I  am scared of this happening to us. I don't let the kids go play out in the street and even walking to school (5 doors away) often worries me.

Yesterday we decided to wear red to honor Daniel and to show his Mum, Dad and his brother that we cared about them too.  Each time I see his Mum's face I just want to hug her, she looks like she is trying to be so strong but you can see this is the hardest thing ever. Mr Morcomb is always a pillar of strength and I just want to give him a hug too. I have no idea how they stay so calm and composed? I would be a complete mess! Then again from experiences I have had in my life, when something happens you gotta get back up because you just have to! They are using Daniels story to protect 'our' kids and for that I say Thank You Mr and Mrs Morcomb! I added my picture to Styling You facebook who encouraged everyone to wear RED for Daniel. You can check out some of the pictures in a tribute to Daniel at Styling You Well Done Nikki and everyone who participated in the wearing of red for Daniel.

If you didn't know what the whole reason behind wearing red was this is why -  

When Daniel went missing he was wearing a red t-shirt. When his parents set up the foundation 6 years ago it was to become a awareness day for children . Day for Daniel is not a memorial day – it is a learning day for our Children. The family hope that any activities that happen on this day incorporate red so it be a discrete way of linking Daniel to the importance of child safety education. 

Today I was reminded to be careful of what I posted around this topic as it may make it harder to bring Daniel justice so I won't share any further on the subject. So all I will say is
teach your kids the skills on how to handle themselves if they were put into a situation where they might find themselves in danger. We owe it to our kids to do that. 
You can find out more details at the links below
Day For Daniel
Daniel Morcomb Foundation

Monday, August 15, 2011

Museum Victoria Family Pass goes to...

This was such a great giveaway to host, I want to thank Louisa and Museum Victoria for the opportunity to do so.   I really wish I could give each and every family a yearly pass, but having even been able to have 1 to giveaway is great!  I know any family would love the opportunity to visit the museums in Victoria on a regular basis and choosing  winner is tough. I just want you to know I read each and every entry that comes in for my giveaways and I spend ages and I do mean a long time trying to choose who should win?
I hope you all continue to enter my giveaways because I want to give you all a prize but unfortunately today I can only choose one family and that is... Tracey Leech

With three little boys in the house (and one on the way) one of our absolute favorite family adventures is to ScienceWorks! They just adore it & there is something for every age. We have not been to the Melbourne museum for a couple of years but my eldest is itching to go!
The thought of having a pass to go as often as we want gives me shivers!
My boys would be on first name basis with the different staff within weeks! Ha ha ha :)

Tracey you made me want to visit Science works with this comment and I hope you guys enjoy your prize!

The Downton Abbey Winner is...

Downton Abbey winner is Little Love with her entry saying
I LOVE Downton Abbey. Like you I've often thought about what it would've been like back then & even earlier. My husband knows that everytime we drive past an old Victorian or Edwardian house that Im going to start rambling on about imagining the women going about their business in their houses dressed in those lovely dresses! My favourite era though is a little earlier than Downton - I love the Victorian era! But then I love the 40s & 50s too!

A huge Thank You to everyone who took the time to read my review of Downton Abbey. Those of you who chose to enter Downton Abbey review & giveaway a big thank you to you as well.  I loved hearing about your favorite style icons and the eras you most loved when it came to the fashion.

I still have 2 current giveaways to enter so please check out the links below and share them with your friends.

Enter the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System Giveaway, I have 2 to give away worth $79.99 each. Tell your friends with babies to enter!

Enter the  Taking Charge & Valuing you and win yourself and the little ones something.

Thank you all for reading my blog I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The silence is deafening SPEAK UP before its too late!

I found this video very early this morning when I should have been sleeping. When we are going to bed many people are waking from their slumber around the world and sharing their thoughts. I always find it hard to leave the computer at this time and this morning it was harder after I watched this.

I couldn't go past sharing this  today because I have had a family member take their life. They was young, They was talented, They was loved but they are no longer here. To me it makes no sense asking why people do this because we simply just don't know why or really understand it. I remember when my family was affected by this and many people were angry around me, but I was simply just sad. I didn't want to be mad at the fact, I knew that people wanted answers but would they really understand anyway? If we understood 'them' and 'why' would this happen as much? I don't have the answers but all I know is I think it is important to speak up, to listen and to make it easier for people who do need help. I think everyone in some form might deal with depression on some level its just a matter of if we acknowledge it.

 Please don't glance over the post without watching the video. It is one family's plea to stop the deafening sounds that are left behind when someone takes their own life.

Thinking 'that will never happen to me or anyone I know' is your first mistake.

We need to make it easier to share, to find help and to know it is okay to speak up.  If we all open our minds and hearts hopefully we can save some lives.

It doesn't matter if the person is a teen or elderly, male or female, rich or poor or from the city or the country it could affect anyone of us.

After watching this I slept but it has been on my mind all day. So I have put a list together of links of where you can find help if you need it in Australia.  If you have any links to places you think might help please post them in a comment below.


* Sane Australia 

*Beyond Blue


* Grow

*Life Line Australia

*Black Dog Institute 

If you would like to add to this please post for Australian support sites or in fact anywhere around the world please leave a comment below.

Inking Your Kids Names - David Beckham adds Harper Tattoo to his collection

I have just been looking at this picture below of David Beckham and his latest tattoo which is of his daughter Harper's name.  What do you think about getting your child's name as a tattoo on your body?
Do you or your partner have tatts of your kids names or something that represents your babies?
I would love to know what type of design you have and what inspired you to get it done?


Review & Giveaway - Taking Charge & Valuing You

It is a bit of a trending theme with me at the moment but I am working on taking charge and looking after me a bit more. I wrote recently about updating my wardrobe  Wardrobe Styling + Revamp = Confidence! and this made me feel really good as I was making the effort to look after me. I have also been having a lot of work done on my teeth and again this is a pretty big deal as I usually just put this sort of thing off as I just wasn't valuing myself enough. Now we all know that if you don't look after yourself you aren't much use to anyone...well I know the saying but I wasn't really doing plus it shouldn't be about being useful to others but about loving and caring about myself.

This has all really started after I wrote this post  When grand plans equate to nothing!
I was so annoyed because I got sick just before Aston's 1st birthday party and to be honest I am still annoyed about it now actually. I had been planning for months and months, family were flying in from interstate, we had almost a dozen family staying with us and then I had to go and get sick!  I'm talking pretty sick too ...sick enough to go to the doctor and have them witness me having chest pain and get put on an ECG machine. It was okay though I wasn't having a heart attack.  I had a chest infection and that was causing pain and thankfully not my heart like they were worried about. It took me weeks to get over it.

Since all of that happened I have been looking for ways to boost my immune system and to have started to take ImmunoDefence by BLACKMORES.  Now I have not taken anything like this on a regular basis in the past except for when I was pregnant, where I took pregnancy and breastfeeding vitamins and while I was pregnant with Aston I took a combination of things including vitamin D,calcium, iron & low dose aspirin to keep the pregnancy induced complications Pre Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome at bay.   I do have to say though that if I take anything I usually do prefer it to be a pill of some kind and not medicine....I hate the taste of most of them and tend to screw up my face and do a funny little dance as I swallow most liquid medicines, however Cough Combat tastes really nice and it actually was 'nice'.

Just as I started taking  ImmunoDefence approx 4weeks ago I got a bit of a head cold so I decided to take the Cough Combat in conjunction with the immunoDefence. I got over the head cold in a few days and ever since I started taking the immunodefence I haven't had any other cold or flu issues. Considering how sick we have been over winter me staying germ free for almost 4 weeks is awesome!  Now with less then a month of winter to go (can you see me doing a happy dance?) I plan on taking this and reading up more on some other Blackmores products to help me and my family boost our immune systems. This winter has been particularly bad and it has felt like we were never going to get through it. Thankfully I can see the end in sight but I won't become complacent and will continue to taking my immunodefence.  I have put details below about the 2 products so you can find out more about them. Children can use the Cough Combat and my kids have used the product. The Immunodefence can only be used by those 12 years and older therefore our kids have not used this product.


Thanks to Blackmores I have a giveaway valued at $84
the package included the following items

1 x  ImmunoDefence
1 x Cough Combat
1 x Owl toy
1 x pair of child's sized socks

To Enter
please tell me below or via email  What are you looking forward to most about the end of winter?

Extra Entries
Follow Google Friend Connect
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Follow on Twitter
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Australian Residents only
Closes 21st August 2011 11:59pm
1 winner will be chosen via their response
winner will be contacted via email. Please make sure you can be contacted via email.
The winner will have 48 hrs to reply to email with postage details or the giveaway will be redrawn

Product Details
Helping you to support your body’s immune system, which fights off colds and flu
Blackmores Immunodefence™ is formulated in line with latest research and combines lactoferrin, which helps to boost the activity of certain immune cells, with zinc and vitamin D which may help to support healthy immune resistance.
60 pack capsulesA$39.95

Features and benefits
  • Contains 3 key immune supporting ingredients
  • Supports the body’s immune defences, which fight off colds and flu
  • May boost the activity of certain immune cells and support healthy immune resistance
Additional information
Lactoferrin- is a compound that is naturally produced in the body by immune cells and it is particularly prevalent in secretions of the upper airways, eyes and stomach.  Bovine lactoferrin supplementation has been shown to boost the activity of certain immune cells.
Vitamin D- The crucial role for vitamin D in the immune system's function is a recent discovery. A recent large study evaluating over 18000 participants found that those with healthy blood levels of vitamin D were less likely to have recently had a cold or an upper respiratory tract infection. Vitamin D has the ability to switch on special anti-microbial proteins that can help fight viruses. The cells that line the upper and lower airways can also secrete these special proteins as a defence against infection.
Zinc- affects multiple aspects of the immune system, and low levels of zinc may affect immunological functions adversely. Zinc is required for the synthesis of immune regulatory proteins and for maintaining normal immune function.

 Product Detail 
Helping you to soothe and relieve chesty coughs and respiratory congestion associated with colds
A great tasting ivy leaf extract cough syrup that may relieve chesty coughs and respiratory congestion associated with colds. As an expectorant it helps to thin and loosen mucus so you can get it off your chest.
200 ml oral liquidA$21.95

Features and benefits
  • Soothing cough syrup containing ivy leaf extract
  • Sugar-free formula
  • Great-tasting fruity flavour
  • Suitable for the whole family - can be used in children under 2 after consulting a healthcare professional
May help to:
  • Soothe and relieve coughs
  • Relieve chesty coughs
  • Relieve chest congestion associated with thick mucus
  • Thin and loosen mucus to assist expectoration
Additional information
A cough is defined as a sudden and often repetitively occurring natural defence reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages of excess secretions and microbes. Coughs can also be caused by a number of conditions including allergies, irritants, medications and gastric reflux.
A cough can be either dry or productive, depending on whether mucus is coughed up. Acute coughs are a common symptom of respiratory tract infections due to a cold, influenza or secondary bacterial infection. Viral infections of the respiratory system are the main cause of developing a cough.
Ivy leaf may calm coughing and relieve chest congestion. It is ideal for productive coughs, especially if there is sticky or thick mucus present. It helps to promote expectoration and soothe the cough. Ivy leaf may help to thin and loosen mucus making it easier to cough up.
Ivy leaf is suitable for the whole family, and can be used in kids under 2 years after consulting a healthcare professional.
Disclosure: I was given the Cough Combat and ImmuneDefence to review. No financial payment was offered or accepted. My opinions only expressed in this review. 

V-Log Giveaway + Features & Benefits of Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

So you may have seen that I made my debut v-log review for the Nappy Disposal System by Munchkin
Watch the video closely as you might win something!

to enter this giveaway please do the following 2 steps
  1. Tell me at least 1 of the Features & Benefits listed in my v-log review? You may leave a comment or email  
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extra entries you can do the following 
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Terms and Conditions 
  • 2 x products will be awarded worth $79.99 each
  • giveaway closes on 19-8-2011 11:59pm
  • Entry is only available to Australian residents only 
  • Winners are chosen by me
Disclosure: I was give 1 Munchkin Nappy Disposal System to review. I was not paid for this review or giveaway to take place. The opinions expressed on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.

Monday, August 8, 2011

{Video} Mummy Bloggers Eden Riley & Mrs Woogs 6:30 with George Negus

I am so excited to share this with you guys. I actually taped it as I know both Eden and Mrs Woogs are both in the USA at BlogHer tonight and wouldn't get to see the footage so I thought I would tape it for them. 
Then I seen loads of others via twitter saying they had missed the footage so here it is for you to watch.

The Mummy Blogger is fast becoming a useful way to reach the public. Many Mums are now earning an income via their blogs and conferences like BlogHer in USA are bringing these social media queens together to sharpen their skills and broaden their horizons, even further then they can see. Check out Eden from Edenland and Mrs Woog from WoogsWorld, they are 2 Aussie Mummy Bloggers who are at Blogher 2011 right now and who appear in the video below. Eden was chosen as voice of the year 2011 and I proud to say that I met her a few weekends ago at Blogopolis and she is just the most lovely person. I was so impressed with her I even came home and told my husband all about her and that she would be on TV! I later met her at the after party drinks of Blogopolis and well lets say I told her what I thought of her...don't worry its all good though. 

A huge congrats to Eden and Mrs Woogs you both did an awesome job!

A Sexy Dad! David Beckham shares more pics

David Beckham has shared another picture of himself and his gorgeous baby girl Harper Seven Beckham. David said "Thought you'd like to see another picture of little Harper, I'm such a proud dad." on his facebook page.

Is it possible for this man to get even sexier? What do you think?
Do you find a man who is a great Dad and who adores his kids to be sexy?

Need A Laugh? Does this happen to your dog?

Had to share this as it made me giggle and I thought you might need one too.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Downton Abbey – GIVEAWAY & REVIEW

A lavish period drama filled with wonderful fashion that is also set in a castle that was to die for hocked me from the moment I put this DVD on. The British manner, the costumes and the house made this for great watching and then there were the story lines too!

 Now I don't know if I'm just a dreamer, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a big castle and have servants at your beck and call?  I have also spent many moments dreaming of wearing those gorgeous dresses from the early 1900's with beautiful hair to match too!   I have always admired the fashion from this era and also loved looking at the houses and the decor. How they were decorated really fascinated me as it is just so different from today. The show is filled with secrets and seduction and I always find shows that are set in different times to ours very interesting especially when they transcend social structures. Learning a little about these times makes me wish I was around to experience it, however I know things were very different for women back then too.

This series has already aired on Channel 7 but it is now available for you to own on DVD. This DVD was released on 4th August 2011 and if you keep reading below you can win your very own copy with scenes on a bonus disk not seen on Australian TV!

A little more about the series below.

Secrets and Seduction Transcend Social Structures in
Downton Abbey

Available on DVD from 4th August 2011

As one of 2011’s most anticipated television series’, viewers will be captivated by the aristocratic world of Downton Abbey. Set against the incredible Period detail, with a
star-studded cast and intricate plot lines, witness a journey of vindictive ambition, seduction and secrets centred on the grand estate.
DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON 1 is available in a four-disc DVD box set with exclusive
to ANZ bonus content, from 4th August.

Created and written by Academy Award® winner Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park, The Young Victoria), DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON 1 depicts the seemly composed lives of 18 main characters; an aristocratic family of five, three members of their extended family and their ten staff. Boasting an all-star cast including Hugh Bonneville (Notting Hill and TV’s Lost In Austen), Maggie Smith (Harry Potter, The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie) and Elizabeth McGovern (Kick Ass, The Wings of the Dove), this prestigious ensemble brings to life a world of passion and romance with all the splendour and glamour of aristocratic England in the early twentieth century.  

Set 1912, just ahead of an impending social revolution, Downton Abbey delicately unites the day-to-day obligations of those who live and work at the grand estate with the challenges of status and duty, which will threaten to divide families and disgrace noble reputations. With all the elements of a juicy soap opera - romance, conflict and jealousy driven by a host of characters you’ll love to hate. It's easy to see why Downton Abbey is so highly anticipated.

With phenomenal rating figures overseas combined with widespread critical acclaim, DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON 1 is an absolute “must-have” drama series. Featuring captivating extras including exclusive to ANZ bonus content and the behind-the-scenes clips, Downton Abbey is an instant classic that will leave you lost in the heart of an elapsed society.

Release Information – Downton Abbey

Release Date:                    4th August 2011 (DVD)
Genre:                               English Drama
Format:                             DVD
Cert:                                  TBC
Discs:                               4
RRP:                                 $39.95
Special Features:              Never before seen footage; Audio commentaries; Deleted scenes; The Making of; Downton Abbey; A House in History – Downton Abbey       
Writer:                               Julian Fellowes
Cast includes:                   Hugh Bonneville; Michelle Dockery; Joanne Froggatt; Elizabeth McGovern; Maggie Smith; Jim Carter; Penelope Wilton; Robert Bathurst



Thanks to Universal I have 1 copy of Season 1 to giveaway and I would love you to win it! 
All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me who are your favorite fashion icons from film,tv etc If you have a a certain era  you like I would love to hear about that too. 

You may like to do the follow to receive extra entries - please leave separate comments for each entry. 

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Entries open 7 August 2011 and close 11:5pm 14 August 2011
Please make sure I am able to contact you via email in the event that you win! I will contact you for your address details and these will only be used to send you your DVD.
Please note I was sent a copy of 3 episodes to review and was not paid for this review or giveaway.


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