Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Dress, Laugh, Decorate, Dance & Be Naughty this Halloween

Okay there are thousands of Halloween posts going around and I pinned soooo much stuff to add to a post but then just didn't get around to it..sorry!
However all is not lost as I have found 3 videos to make you laugh and make it so totally worth reading and watching my blog post about Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Short on ideas of costumes? here is a fantastic idea all you need is a lazy 2 x ipad2 laying around! lol

These guys have done a fantastic job and I can't help but dance along!

And the last one you will have to visit Facebook for but it is pretty funny! For 18+ only though.

Do you like Halloween? Do you celebrate it?
I wanted to throw a party this year but just had so much one I didn't get around to it.
Hopefully next year we might get together with our friends and have some fun.
We just went along our local street and did a quick trick or treat this year. I introduced myself to the neighbors too which was nice.

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How do I choose the Donna Hay Winners?

Each and every recipe that was suggested just sounds delicious! How is one suppose to choose a winner?? 
I have been trying to figure out how to do that for days now and so today I finally chose the winners. I know there are a few Donna Hay fans who have been waiting patiently for me to draw this fast, fresh, simple DVD giveaway and I just want to say sorry for taking so long.  So I am finally going to put all of you out of your misery and let the 5 lucky winners know they have won.  
Could the winners please email me with their postal details and I will have the DVD sent out ASAP. 

The winners are

 Beck Jinnette - rambling mummy said...
My favourite would have to be Donna's chocolate mousse cake. I only make it for special occasion, but oh my it is to dye for.
Norlin said...
My favourite would have to be her Chicken & Leek pot pie - love one pot wonders - especially when I can't be bothered cooking. At least, it'll seem like I did put in lots of effort. ;) Here's the link:

But instead of leek I normally use onions and other extras like peas and chopped carrots in there for extra nutrition.
Sarah Whyte - Baked honey lemon chicken with holumi!
Leeanne McHargWhat a great competition!!!  I love Donna Hay and so do the kids it is one definate way to get my kids to eat I only have to say it's a "DONNA HAY RECIPIE"
My all time favourite which is so easy and looks very gourmet but is so easy to do in the kitchen or even on the barbie Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Stacks check out this link
If you cook this all your friends will think you have become this chef but it is so simple and tastes fantastic!!  Another great one I love that is always a hit and so simple Chocolate and Cinnamon Wontons
yummy and great if you are having the girlfriends over for coffee wow them with this simple treat can't find an actual link to this one but it was actually one of the recipies in her Fast Fresh Simple series.
Sorry I've gone on a bit but Donna Hay is the queen in our house and my 7 year old Oscar said "Mum the boys at school don't know who Donna Hay is?  Why don't they Mum?"
 DanniiBeauty said...
A few months ago I was looking for a great pancake recipes and found this one
Really yummy!
I'd love to try out more of Donna Hay's recipes.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

How to mix a cocktail by typing

I got pretty excited when I read that headline, did you? I personally know of a few peeps (me included) who would just love this typewriter. However how cool would it be if it was a computer so I could blog while mixing my cocktails!  Imagine how keen you would be to get your typing done then! Talk about a rise in productivity.  Now I want a cocktail.

What else do you think could be manipulated into making cocktails? Leave me a comment below and let me know. Have a great weekend!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Friday with ProBlogger & Loud Shirt Day

On Friday I attended the ProBlogger training day at the Novotel in Melbourne, the weather was crap as per usual as we had sun the day before it had to rain that day! Even though it rained and I couldn't stay for the whole after party I mean quite post drinks I still had a fantastic time.Not only did I get to learn more about blogging, I also got to catch up with some awesome blogging buddies and meet some bloggers I hadn't had the chance to meet before.  It is always interesting when you meet a blogger for the first time and they speak just as they write. I find this with Mrs Woog from WoogsWorld  and I would love to learn from her as I think she is just brilliant at it. I know she won't think much of it but her nature and authenticity okay well awesomeness really does make her a very likable lady.  

Friday was also Loud Shirt Day so the night before (as I am so organized NOT) I went out and found a new bright shirt to wear from TEMT. (I actually got a singlet and a cardi for $15. SCORE!) Now for those of you who know me know I am a bit afraid of colour and you will usually find me in jeans and a dark top. Okay so I still used those two other things but I teamed it with a bright yellow singlet.  I nervously asked the girl what I needed the top for and what she thought I should get?  After her pointing out all these things I settled on the tops and high tailed it outta there. It was for a good cause and one has to step outside her comfort zone right? I chose to wear a loud shirt after reading Mrs Woogs post and watching the video of her son Jack that I featured in Are You Loud post . I also wanted to support other children we know who have hearing loss as well.

Did you support Loud Shirt Day?
I only have 2 pictures and one I look silly and the other you can see a tiny snippet of my shirt! lol I do need
to get better at getting more pics when attending these events.

This video below is of Jack who is Mrs Woogs son. This was played on Friday morning as I was heading to ProBlogger so I didn't see it till a few days later.
Way to go to the Woogs family for sharing their story as the human element is always worth hearing.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are You Loud?

Friday 21st October 2011 is Loud Shirt Day.

Don't know what Loud Shirt Day is in aid of? Details are below along with some really good reason why you should support this day. Please watch and read the information.

Loud Shirt Day, October 21 is an annual fundraising initiative co-ordinated by First Voice, an alliance of early intervention hearing service providers who teach deaf and hearing impaired children how to listen and speak. This year, First Voice Centres are aiming to surpass our event registrations in 2010 to make 2011 bigger and better, ensuring that our services can maintain the highest quality of treatment for hearing impaired children.

Now Watch Mrs Woog, a fab blogger sharing her story.

Who is First Voice? First Voice is the national voice for member organisations 
whose primary focus is the provision of listening and spoken language 
therapy services in Australia and New Zealand. First Voice champions the 
right of all deaf people to listen and speak.

First Voice was established in 2010 to play a leadership role in shaping
public policy and funding decision making related to hearing impaired children.
It evolved from the former Alliance for Deaf Children, which first established
in 2003. First Voice now leads and advocates for world-class early
intervention services for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.

First Voice member organisations lead the world in listening and spoken
language therapies for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.
Our member organisations include:
Hear and Say Centre, Queensland
Taralye, Victoria
Telethon Speech and Hearing, Western Australia
The Cora Barclay Centre, South Australia
The Shepherd Centre, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
The Hearing House, New Zealand

The gorgeous Felix you are the sweetest little boy and you and your Mummy
are just gorgeous!

I don't have an immediate family who are deaf but I do have a number of friends who have children who do. I always pick up merchandise supporting charities as a few bucks from all of us can actually go a long way. After a few of our own personal experiences using various charities and not for profits you learn that you got to give back. I like the saying 

"It doesn't matter how big or small, it matters that you gave at all!"

This year you can help out by hosting a LOUD party, purchase merchandise from Caltex servos, make donations online and of course wear the loudest shirt you have. Please check out this link to find out more details

So what do you say, will you give it a go? I will be wearing my loud shirt tomorrow (it is loud for me - didn't you know I am a bit scared of colour?)
For me Friday is not only Loud Shirt Day, but also ProBlogger Training Day  so  If I can wear a bright colour then so can you! Please :)

I encourage you to find the LOUDEST shirt you own and wear it! Get your friends, family and work mates involved too and have some fun for a fantastic cause. I would love to see your loudest shirt please upload a picture to our facebook page Oh Gorgeous Baby

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Share Your Dirtgirlworld Inspired Pictures & Win A 'Dig It' CD giveaway

Do you and your little people love to sing and dance?  You do! Well then you should enter this.

All you have to do is post a pic on Oh Gorgeous Baby Facebook of your little ones doing something 'dirtgirlworld' or a pic of something they have created being inspired by dirtgirlworld and you could win a copy of the Aria nominated CD dirtgirlworld: Dig It.

You could take a picture of the kids 'doing' a dirgirlworld inspired activity or take a pic of something they have created. This could include things like
flower garden, veggie or herb garden, recycling (in so many ways there are way to many to list)
something they have made of recycled materials or Maybe you/they use eco friendly products just to name a few ideas. If you have any other ideas please leave a comment below.

How To Enter 
take a pic and upload it to our facebook page 
oh gorgeous baby 
Please put their age and their first name or first initial if you wish not to share their name.

Via Email - If you prefer to email me your picture so I can upload it please do so by emailing with dirtgirlworld in the subject line along with the child's age, name or initial and I will upload it to the facebook page for you. 

Help plant the dirtgirlworld colouring in seed!
We would love it if you could help 'grow' our little giveaway by either sending out a tweet, facebook message or update,  blog post or just old fashioned word of mouth to all your friends about this giveaway. We appreciate your help with this and by 'growing' the giveaways dirtgirlworld style we hope to host more and more fun things for everyone in the family to do. 

Terms and Conditions
Entries open 19 Oct 2011
Entries close 30th Oct 2011 11:59pm
Australian residents only may enter, sorry international readers.
Entrants can be of any age as I know dirtgirlworld has fans of all ages(
Entrants up to 13 years of age are eligible to enter)
5 winners will be chosen and contacted via email -if the winners do not respond in 48hrs I will redraw prizes.

Thanks for reading my blog and entering my giveaways. I hope you are enjoying the things I find for you. If you ever have any feedback on what I write or would like me to feature something in particular you can do this by emailing me here

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Who's Your Cinderella or Prince Charming ?

I've already found my Prince Charming and today I also found my Cinderella too!

Airlie was asked to choose a fairytale character as they have been learning all about fairytales at school.
At first she wanted to go as Snow White but the only costume I could find from Target was $70! I actually
did consider buying it but then decided not to as she really wasn't fussed on it as it didn't have a big skirt to twirl in. So we went running around all the shops but didn't  find another one.  Seems Snow White is not so cool for the little girls but when I searched online I found loads of Snow White costumes in any variation possible for ladies. It gave me an idea and I thought maybe I might have a costume party for my 30+1 this year?  When we came across just about ever single other fairytale princess except for Snow White at Kmart she just said "Don't worry Mum I want to go as Cinderella instead!" We grabbed the outfit for $20 and we just put it with her shoes and a tiara from home.

Below are some pictures of Airlie and Snow White aka teacher Miss K

Airlie showed me some of her fairytales work she has been doing and I love the little pic of Jasmine from Aladdin. Aston loved seeing all the kids and the teachers dressed up. Some of the teachers got right into the dressing up and I seen Scooby Do, Clifford The Dog, our principal was dressed up as the fairy godmother of the school and of course there were many dressed as Snow White (as I said more adult costumes then kids ones out there) belle from Beauty and the beast, Little Red Riding Hood and many more.
It was a really fun morning I just wish I knew more of the Mums. Do you ever find that you drop off your kids and pick them up and rarely speak to other Mums? I don't know too many of the Mums in Airlie or Mason's class but I wish I did. Not sure how to really get to know any of them either?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Colour In dirtgirlworld and Win!

Hi dirtgirlworld fans! I am super excited to be given the opportunity to host a colouring in competition with dirtgirl and all her friends at dirtgirlworld. I would love to invite your little people to get involved and I can't wait to see what great things they come up with. 

To download the picture right click on the picture (below) you wish to colour in and click save as then print it out. ENJOY! 

5 lucky little people have a chance to own your very own copy of  dirtgirlworld: Summer DVD. A total of $100.00 worth of prizes for this giveaway all for my faithful readers! Thanks guys xx

How To Enter 
Download a picture here by right clicking and choosing 'save as' then print it out and have the kids do their best colouring in. Once they have worked their magic and provided you with a masterpiece (yes another one!) take a pic and upload it to our facebook page 
oh gorgeous baby 
Please put their age and their first name or first initial if you wish not to share their name.

Via Email - If you prefer to email me your picture so I can upload it please do so by emailing with dirtgirlworld in the subject line along with the child's age, name or initial and I will upload it to the facebook page for you. 

Help plant the dirtgirlworld colouring in seed!
We would love it if you could help 'grow' our little giveaway by either sending out a tweet, facebook message or update,  blog post or just old fashioned word of mouth to all your friends about this giveaway. We appreciate your help with this and by 'growing' the giveaways dirtgirlworld style we hope to host more and more fun things for everyone in the family to do. 

Terms and Conditions
Entries open 18 Oct 2011
Entries close 30th Oct 2011 11:59pm
Australian residents only may enter, sorry international readers.
Entrants up to 13 years of age are eligible to enter.
5 winners will be chosen and contacted via email -if the winners do not respond in 48hrs I will redraw prizes.

Thanks for reading my blog and entering my giveaways. I hope you are enjoying the things I find for you. If you ever have any feedback on what I write or would like me to feature something in particular you can do this by emailing me here

Tips for attending a music festival with kids

Since we are heading to the rhymes kid's music festival in a few weeks time I started thinking about how I can make it a smoother day for us. I have put down some tips and thought I would share them with you. If you have any good tips please feel free to leave a comment below.

1.     pre-purchase your tickets online or at a ticket booth before the event - this saves waiting in line for them and some events don't sell tickets at the gate.
2.     bring a picnic blanket and or pillows so you don't get a numb bum!
3.     Pack a picnic and bring some change for treats - This will help your hip pocket, have you not standing in line all day for food and probably be a lot healthier too.
4.     Don't bring alcohol, glass, sharp or danger objects or utensils to events. Cut as much of your food up as you can before coming so this saves time and the worry of carrying these objects.
5.     Check if you are allowed to bring chairs to the event as this may not be allowed to give everyone a good view of the entertainment.  
6.     Research if there are baby change and feeding stations and where they are so you can find them easily on the day.
7.     Write your name and mobile phone number on your child's arm or on the wrist band provided at the gate in case your little darling gets excited and dances off in the opposite direction.
8.     Events are usually pram friendly but be aware you aren't blocking a festival goers view with it.
9.     Events often provide pram parking but can sometimes charge you for this service.
10. Research car parking areas and costs so you don't wind up stressed before you even get inside the gate!  
11. Find out if the Festival has any undercover areas in case the heavens open up and it rains. 
12. Don't forget sunscreen and apply it several times a day. 
13. Remember to bring water and other drinks to keep hydrated.
14. Bring a few First Aide items like bandaids and insect bite cream just in case it is needed.
15. Wear comfy clothes and shoes and don't forget to bring a jumper and a hat.
16. If the festival allows it have a little area where you can set up your picnic blanket for a rest and where the kids know you will be in case they get lost.
17. If you can get your hands on a map and a list of the line up you can  plan your day a little, but be warned things don't always go to plan!
18. Listen to some of your fave tunes in the lead up to the festival so the kids are pumped to see their favourite acts.
19. Ear plugs & Ear Muffs can be a good investment if your children are a little sensitive to noise or you are worried about how loud the music may be.
20. Put your kids in something that stands out and remember what they are wearing so incase the worse happens and they do dance off you can get help finding them.
21. Also remember to explain to your kids what they should do if they do get lost so they are prepared in case the event does happen. Point out an area like the LOST area many festivals have or agree on an area where you will both go if you get separated. 
22.Don't forget your camera or iPhone (if you are like me)Purchase some plastic ponchos and take with you in case of bad weather 

Above all have fun, dance, re-live your festival days...okay not quite, but you get the gist of what i am saying....HAVE FUN PEOPLE!

Got some top tips of your own to share? We would love to hear them so please comment below.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Big Day Out' for kids - Rhymes Kids Music Festival

I don't know if I have told you this before but I LOVE live music! I think there is nothing better then watching people preform whatever their style of music. I believe they are all true artists and I want to appreciate and experience all types of music. I've been to a few concerts and music festivals in my time but since having kids they are just a little harder to get to these days. Above is my Big Day Out ticket from 2005! It was an awesome festival that had me dancing all day long. We seen bands like John Butler Trio, Powder Finger & Slipknot and I appreciated them all!  Since we keen  music lovers in this house I am always eyeing off who is in town, but most of the time they don't cater to the whole family so sadly we miss out.

I am excited to hear that there was finally a music festival that was going to cater for families and it has been busy travelling the east cost of Australia. I have longed for the day when I could take my kids along to a concert with me and soak up that festival or concert atmosphere, sadly so far we have only been able to attend one. Mason was only 5 and I was 18 weeks pregnant with Miss Airlie. That day was awesome for so many reasons, including finding out we were having a baby girl who affectionately became known as "The Butterfly Princess", then seeing Missy Higgins and Ben Lee live in Centennial Park, Sydney just made our day even better. It was such a fantastic show and experience to have as a family and I have wanted to do it again for so long. The outdoor atmosphere on a warm spring night sitting under the stars was amazing.  I have been afraid that I will have to hang up my concert going boots with nothing that really brings a good family environment together with good music...until now! And thanks to A Little Bit of Cheek my family and I are heading off to the Melbourne "Rhymes Kids Music Festival"  on the 30th October and to say we are a little excited is an understatement!

The line up doesn't include Missy, Ben, Powder Finger , John Butler or even Slipknot damn!, but organizers have promised me that 2012 will have more "adult" type bands, all going to plan. so everyone FINGERS CROSSED please and get behind this event!   This year however does have some cool performers for the family including Zingillas, Yo Gabba Bagga, Laurie Lawrence - Dancey Dance Guest, Lazy Town Live Show, Peter Combe, Angelina Ballerina, The Tweenies, Raggs Kids Club, Brett Campbell, Little Feet Music, Electric Lunchbox, Fabulous Lemon Drops, Spikey & Friends, Jurassic Joe, Ukulele Baby, and any more "K(indie) Rock" and "KidHop" bands

The festival promises to deliver amazing expo style stands filled with lots of goodies, a HUGE interactive / fun area, Silent Disco with 500 headphones, interactive magic light area, a Springfree Bounce Zone and when you need some time out you can do that in the Cbeebies Chill Lounge.

I can't wait to see the excitement on my kids faces when they get to see all these things live. With all 3 of my kids loving music as well I just know they are going to have a ball! I can't promise I won't be up there singing and dancing along also, so those of you going if you see a Mum up there having WAAYY too much fun make sure you come and join in!

If you would like to go along to the Rhymes Kids Music Festival please check out the details below, but don't wait any longer because from what I hear they are the hottest tickets in town. Tickets must be purchased before the event as there are NO TICKETS for sale at the gate.

What: Rhymes Kids Music Festival
Time: 8am - 4pm
Where: Melbourne Showground Epsom Rd Ascot Vale Victoria
Cost: $36-$45 Ticket Prices  (children under 1 free)
Parking $10 - Access via Langs Road

Also Brisbane Rhymes Kids Music Festival is Jan 22 2012 so check out the details.

I hope to see you there!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Sometimes there are duets between artist that are just so left of center there is no way you could have guessed they would ever work together. Earlier this week I heard that Justin Bieber and Miriah Carey are going to be doing a Christmas album together. I'm not sure how that is going to work out but I am sure my 5 year old daughter Airlie will love it!

Today I also came across another duet  between 'THE' Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.
I wasn't sure what to expect but I gave it a watch anyway. I have to say that Bennett looks
like he is having the best fun ever and is even a little bit cheeky in places. Gaga is her theatrical self as usual and really gets into the song. When I watch her sing I feel like she morphs into the character she singing about.

Tell me what did you think of the clip? Who have you been surprised by (good and bad) when artists do duets together?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Less stuff, more happiness

I found this video today via TED and thought I would share it with you as it resonated with me. The speaker Graham Hill makes some good points, it got me to thinking about my own life and society in general. Why is it that we strive to have 'more' and link this to being happier? Does it really make us happier or is it an illusion?

What do you think? Leave me a comment below with your toughs on Does less stuff = more happiness?
Check out the TED website for more inspiring and thought provoking videos.

Shock & Sadness: Steve Jobs Apple's co-founder dies aged 55


I have been away from my computer all morning  and I just got the shock of my life,  I heard via radio that Steve Jobs former CEO and Co-Founder of Apple has died today. Steve Jobs was battling pancreatic cancer and just recently stepped down as the CEO of the Apple company due to poor health. I think we all had that horrible thought in the back of our minds when he resigned, we had just hoped that he would bounce back like he has before. It is a strange feeling when you feel sadness when there is a loss of someone you don't actually know, but I guess that is human nature. Today the world lost an amazing business man and creative thinker that was full of passion and above all a hard worker.


I personally remember the brand Apple as chunky big computers that I used at school. They seemed to fade away for a while there but then had a resurgence. Now most people I know own at least one Apple product and if you don't own one then secretly I think you want to!


Steve Jobs, you made a real difference in people's lives through many of your creations. I loved to watch your presentations as you spoke with such passion and I always felt truly inspired by you.
I wish your family, friends and co-workers peace during this hard time and I hope now you will be at peace and no longer in any pain.

You will be remembered as a truly innovative and inspiring man, even now in your death as sad as it is we can all see that with a dream, passion and a lot hard work anything is possible to create. We can be 'INSANELY GREAT' too!

RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Has Apple touched your life in some way? Do you own an apple product?

Donna Hay's fast, fresh, simple DVD Review & Giveaway

How many of you are Donna Hay fans? Now how many of you are excited she is finally on DVD?

I'm excited but I find it hard to believe that she is only just having her first TV series brought to DVD, considering she has already achieved so much in other media areas. I know, I am expecting too much of the poor lady, it isn't like she doesn't have enough to do right?   I watch the series on Foxtel and now I can watch it on DVD as well. Fast,Fresh,Simple is a 13 - part, half hour series called fast, fresh,simple and it was release today in Australia RRP $29.95. I suspect this will be a yet another great addition to any Donna Hay fan collection and one that would make a great Christmas gift, if you can wait that long?  The DVD includes Hay's recipes from both her books and magazines and follows along the lines of making cooking as the name suggest fast, fresh, simple. fast is for cooking fuss-free weeknight dinners; fresh is Donna’s new take on traditional recipes; and simple is easy shortcuts using fresh and store-bought ingredients. I could certainly use some help in this department!

I've been lucky enough to see a copy already and it is one that I will keep close by to learn tips and tricks from so I can challenge my husband in the kitchen. He has a passion for cooking where as I am still fostering mine. I have learnt a lot about food from him though and I know the more interest I show the more inspired I get from those who are willing to share their expertise. Now this DVD is in short 30minute blocks so I can get a quick fix and learn along the way.  I love how Donna gives pasta carbonara a fresh spin and even teaches you how to present the dish just like you see in the restaurants (who would have thought it was that easy?) Donna also puts her own spin on the old time favourite steak and three veg, where she promises her Mum she isn't giving her cooking a dig.  I also loved her take on the often tired and over dressed caesar salad too. Weather its was a salad, a main meal, a burger, a sweet dish or pasta, Donna actually made me feel inspired about food and cooking. I am thinking of adding some of the meals I have seen her create to my weekly meal plan so I will will let you know how I go with that.  The test kitchen that Donna cooks in looks wonderful but I also really love the outdoors where Donna cooks at home as well. Those views combined with the food were just magnificent. I felt like going on a holiday and eating all at the same time! 
This DVD features food for every cook, every food-lover; every day and every occasion.

Donna Hay is already known as Australia's top food editor and author of 20 cookbooks, she is adored by many a style driven hostess or host and having sold four million copies world wide, I am guessing I am not her only fan?  Donna also has a swag of other achievements to her name including editor-in-chief of donna hay magazine, newspaper columnist, creator of homewares and a food range, owner of her first donna hay general store in Sydney and a mum to two beautiful boys.
When asked about her DVD series Donna says “I’m so excited to be bringing the world of my books and magazine to life. This show captures my philosophy on cooking. It’s about sharing my secrets and showing you how to get all the flavour without the fuss to create dishes that are achievable, look good and taste great,”

Now 5 lucky people have a chance to own your very own copy of  Fast, Fresh, Simple.
That is one of the best parts about doing giveaways on my blog! A total of $150.00 worth of prizes for this giveaway all for my readers!

How To Enter 
Via Blog Comment - All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what is your favourite Donna Hay recipe is and a link to it so I can check it out and try making it too. Feel free to tell me what else you love about Donna too. Please make sure I am able to contact you by leaving your email address.

Via Email - If you prefer to email me your answer you can do this by emailing with Donna Hay in the subject line and the name and link to your fave Donna Hay recipe.

Extra Entry 
Tweet I just shared my favourite @donnahay_tweets recipe & link to this post

Entries open 6 Oct 2011
Entries close 20th Oct 2011 11:59pm
Australian residents only may enter, sorry international readers.
Entrants must be over 18years old to enter
5 winners will be chosen and contacted via email -if the winners do not respond in 48hrs I will redraw prizes.

Thanks for reading my blog and entering my giveaways. I hope you are enjoying the content. If you ever have any feedback on what I write or would like me to feature something in particular you can do this by emailing me here

How to make a Basketball Cake for a crazed 11 year old NBA fan. Happy Birthday Mason!

My son is crazy about basketball at the moment and he pretty much eat, sleeps and breaths it.
It all started out with his Dad watching NBA and relaying the scores to our son, then he started taping it and watching it too. Now he plays the basketball game on the XBOX and we have pre ordered the 2012 NBA game for his birthday too. He also plays basketball out the back and at school too. So as you can see I didn't have any other choice but to make a basketball cake for his 11th birthday.

What We Used

  • Chocolate cake recipe
  • round cake tin
  • 3 cups of icing sugar
  • yellow & red food colouring
  • licorice 
  • piping bag & star piping nozzle
  • milk
What We Did 

We started by making a chocolate cake (any chocolate cake recipe or packet mix that is suitable for you will be fine) We cooked it in our basic round tin we had at home as well. You can hire cake tins but I left it a little to late to do this with so much happening late weekend. A great place to hire tins in Melbourne is at Borgs Cakes in Altona. They have a great selection and I have noticed recently they have a new website. I am not sure if they will be adding their cake tins to the site though? You can always give them a call or go and visit in store as they are really lovely. I have purchased several cake decorating items from them including buttercream, icing flowers, piping bag and more. After the cake was cooked we allowed it to cool and made the icing.

We then used 3 cups of icing sugar that come in packs of cupcakes and cake mixes and I added softened butter and mixed the icing with the electric beaters. I also added milk to the mix to make it go a little further and to make it a little more creamier. I usually add buttercream to the icing sugar and forgo the milk and butter but I wasn't able to get to Borgs Cakes on this occasion. The icing still turned out okay but it didn't have the butter cream taste to it. It was a little tricky getting the right colour of the orange basketball but in the end the orange we achieved was pretty good and I was happy with that. After I was happy with the consistency of the icing I used my piping bag and star nozzle and I piped stars all over the round cake. I then took a look at Mason's basketball added licorice to the cake to make it look like a basketball.

Mason was pretty happy with the cake and I can not believe that he is 11 years old! He is growing into such a fine young man I am really proud of him. Happy Birthday Mason I hope you enjoyed your birthday cake, your presents. Love Mum xx

ps that candle is still going! I brought this candle to use at Airlie's 1st birthday party almost 6 years ago and for every birthday since I think we have used it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Horsing around with race day fashion

This past Sunday was filled with lots of activity for my family. It is like we do nothing at all and then there is nothing but non-stop activity for us sometimes. In  just one day we crammed in the Flemington Preview Day horse races, The Royal Melbourne Show and a 4 year olds birthday party!
While the kids and hubby went off to the birthday party I tried to make myself pretty and went along to the races with 2 lovely ladies, Caz and Wendy.This was my first real day out at the races dressing up so it did come with some butterflies in my tummy. I think the races can be a little bit intimidating when it comes to fashion, but with the tips I have been learning I think I am starting to trust my instincts on MY own style.

I put together this little collage of the pictures I took on the day, I thought it was cute to use a horse.

Here I am with the gorgeous Wendy and Caz outside the Flemington Racecourse

Caz and I

I decided to add a pop of colour with my accessories and followed some of the latest trends of orange and teamed it with turquoise, which is one of my fave colours. I also added colour with my necklace and earrings and then opted for a black dress and a white jacket. 

My debut spring racing carnival outfit consisted of the following items.  
Black Dress TEMT $19.95 originally $29.95
White Outer Jacket Dressy  TEMT $34.95
Turquoise wallet Belle Couleur $84.00
Orange Flower Clip BigW $9.87
Silver rectangle stone ring Equip  $14.99
2 row bead necklace and earring set Equip $16.99
RMK shoes (my gorgeous husband brought for our wedding anniversary a few years ago) 
All in all I had a lovely day and had fun with my outfit.
Do you like going to the races? Will you be attending any race days this spring racing carnival or any others later in the year? I would really love to go again and can't wait for the chance to dress up.

A big thank you to CaznStyle for helping me gain more confidence in styling my outfits and to Belle Couleur for the gorgeous Turquoise wallet I LOVE THE COLOUR!

Every felt like you've lost yourself since becoming a Mum? Then you should read this!

Every felt like you've lost yourself since becoming a Mum? Then you should read this book. This book will help you on your way to remembering that you are worth it, that you are not only a mother but also a beautiful woman who has interests and goals. 

The Mum who Roared is a complete A-Z guide to loving you mind body and attitude AFTER BABY.
The book has been written by Mum Christie Nicholas who seen a real need for the book, as a women who had became a Mum and had lost herself.

I personally can totally relate to this book and want to say a big congratulations to Christie on writing the much needed book. I'm still not sure I have found myself I guess it is an ever evolving experience this motherhood gig, but I do know that for a very long time I didn't have anything for myself. As I read this book I nodded along and laughed at those places I could see myself, I even teared up and also felt inspired to really look after myself too. As I grow older and I see my children grow I want them to see me happy, I want to enjoy life and I want them to do the same when they are parents. Being a Mum or a Dad shouldn't mean you are no longer a person who has dreams and interests, you just have to also consider little people int them.

The Mum Who Roared is a book that Mums will find funny, heartwarming, it will have you nodding your head as you read contributors stories, tearing up remembering how it was for you and then inspiring you to get back to you. The book has an A - Z guide but it isn't like other guides you usually read as a Mum, it is all about YOU!  With chapters including A = Asking for help, C = Confidence building and Y = You and your needs it really is a breath of fresh air. Each chapter discusses a topic and then has several ladies give their own story, tips or feelings on the subject. I think this is really helpful as you get a great cross section on the issues from women who you can identify with on different levels.

The book also shares more honest wisdom with 10 Things They Don't Tell You - Misconceptions about motherhood. and  The New Rules Ten rules all Mums must live by. 

I liked how the book had a A-Z Summery which included the key points that we should try to remember.  We all know there are a million and one books we could read about any number of topics, and for me one that is quick and easy to read is always going to win hands down. I find the quick points and chapters easy to read and easy to remember. I think the quick points would help lots of Mums, they just need to allow themselves to take time to look after themselves.  I also really liked the inclusion of the Goal Cards that can be found in the back of the book. Christie has included 100 goals that you will help you do little things for yourself and help you work your way back to you.

I have struggled myself with doing things for me and not feeling guilty but I don't want to do that anymore. To be honest, I actually just stopped considering ME. It wasn't through anyone else doing but my own, I think we forget to take time for us and then it becomes a habit for dismiss ourselves. This just continues on until we CHOOSE to change it. I have used the excuse of I can't afford it, I don't know what I am interested in etc and have even thought the Mums who do seem to look good and have a life have some sort of superpower or don't prioritize their kids? In the end though it is me I need to look at not others, I think this book gets you on your way to doing that.

You can purchase the book at The Mum Who Roared


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