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A Fabulous Day for High Tea

What a fabulous day Melbourne put on for us on Tuesday! I know it is just the time of year, but when it rains, I do find myself getting all excited when the sun finally shines again. Do you?  So with the sun shining brightly, I thanked the weather gods and headed into the city with the 3 kids and my baby bump.  We were lucky enough to be invited to our very first High Tea and we had a wonderful time!  I was quite excited leading up to the event because I have never attended High Tea or visited The Langham Hotel before,  but I've heard great things about both of them. 
We were invited to the event by Walt Disney Studios Australia,  we are very thankful too and I would really love to thank them for inviting us! Disney invited families along to the event as their classic movie Beauty and the Beast is going back into the Disney Vault. This means they have it available on Blu-ray and DVD to buy for a limited time and then it goes back into the vault on the 31st of July. I didn't realise that is was what happens with the classics until I was invited to this event, so I guess you learn something new every day.  Did you know they did this?  I have to admit that until yesterday we only had a copy of it on VHS...Yes I know, I need to update our collection! Luckily Airlie won a copy on DVD along with some other awesome goodies for being the best dressed Snow White. It did get me thinking, that I should look at what other Disney movies both new and old were available for our collection, as I'd love to keep our favourites for the kids. We already own a few including Dumbo, Mary Poppins, Nemo, Monsters Inc, some of the Toy Story collection & also the some of the Lion King too. 

I was meet at the front doors by a lovely man, he was ever so pleasant, and directed me inside and up the stairs to the event. Once I stepped inside The Langham Hotel,  I just knew it was going to be a special event.
As I climbed the stairs with 3 kids in toe and a bump in front, both the kids and I made comments on how pretty the place looked. Airlie was dressed in her Snow White dress up and thought it looked just like a castle inside with the stairs going up and up. When we made it to the top of the stairs and turned around,   the view from up high inside was pretty amazing! We were then quickly greeted by another gentleman who directed us around to the High Tea and I instantly seen some familiar faces which made me even more excited to be there.  We were then seated at a table, where our drinks order was taken and we were served a selection of yum treats. As you can see from the pictures we all thought they were pretty good but Aston's expression in the background of the picture below pretty much sums it up! He was very impressed and let out a "Ohhh Woooow!"  when the plate came out, then proceeded to eat all the chocolate off the mini chocolate eclairs and then hand them back to me. Being the typical Mum I just ate them too and then though how some people would find that totally gross! Do you do that with your kids food or find it gross (kids or no kids)? While we ate the delicious food and I chatted with some other families I always had one eye on Aston. I quickly realised yesterday that this boy has so much energy and at 31weeks I can't really move that fast! He was fascinated by the water fountains, and I am sure he would have given anything to get down there and play in them I suspect. The tables had some colouring in pages of Beauty and the Beast so this was lots of fun for the kids and a great chance for me to relax for a few minutes knowing it would keep Aston's attention. Not long after that though he wanted to head down to the activity table where there was more colouring and a TV set up with Beauty and the Beast playing. The Mason and Airlie had loads of fun and I loved catching up with great friends too. If you ask Aston about it he just says "Cakeeessssss" so I am pretty sure you can take that as he had fun too! He is a total cake monster at the moment and LOVED the cakes on the plate!

At the end of the event the kids were all given a goody bag which I've taken pictures of to show you. As I mentioned above Airlie also won the best dressed Snow White so she was given another bag too. I didn't make too much of a fuss about it and just told her quietly as we were leaving, she had a grin ear to ear and was quite happy with herself! After we made our way back to the car we headed home where Aston finally had a sleep and I chilled out for the afternoon. 

The two big kids watched some of the Disney movies they received at the event and all was quite at our house. All in all we had a wonderful experience and enjoy the event immensely. I really enjoy doing these things with the kids as I hope the experiences turn into great memories for them to remember when they are bigger. I'm sorry I didn't get to facebook or tweet like I normally would at these events but juggling the 3 kids (especially Aston) was pretty full on. Then I planned to get this out Tuesday night or early Wednesday like I told you I would, but I was just exhausted after I got home and today has been quite an adventure in itself with a doctors appointment which I will update you on in  my next post. Maybe i just need to start video blogging aka v-logs so I can just tell you what I did! It would be lots quicker (I bet I am mistaken by how much time this takes) but the amount of time I put into writing a post and putting pictures up it does take a long time.  

I think The Langham Hotel is just amazing and I encourage you all to stop by and take a closer look when you are in the area and it well worth the peek! You can find it at 1 Southgate Avenue, Southbank VIC 3006  
It is right behind Southgate Melbourne, which is a restaurant, shopping and entertainment destination in the heart of Southbank.  The pure elegance really did grab my attention and I did wonder what it would be like to stay there?  Have you been here in Melbourne or at any of their other The Langham hotels?  Please tell me someone has lived the dream, at least once? I do remember watching The Block last year and they used the location quite a bit.  Now I don't get to stay in fancy hotels, actually I don't get to stay in hotels! A girl can dream though, right?  Lets face it,  having 3.5 kids doesn't allow for such luxuries, then there is always the time factor, plus to be really honest even the thought of taking time out for yourself and doing such a thing did really cross my mind until yesterday! However, after yesterday,  this is going on my list of things I must do! Yes it has to go on my 'One Day List' a 'Must Do' in my book.  I would love to stay there with my husband because it was truly stunning. The marble, the water features, the stair cases... well you get how elegant I think it is! I can only imagine what the rooms look like, how comfy the beds are and how relaxed I would be staying there.  I also now want to attend the famous The Langham High Tea with some girlfriends too.  I think it would be so much fun and the perfect way to relax with some great girls.  Who's coming? 

Also a note:  If you are driving into the city and need to park, please check out this link to some cheap city parking in Melbourne that I was told about via my awesome friends on Facebook. After doing a bit of research and getting caught out a few times, I always like to know where to park in advance. I actually like to know of a few options, just incase one is already full! I have found that during the week parking can be quite expensive! There are lots of car parks that do great rates for early bird parking during the week,  and I am sure those who work in the city really appreciate it.  However, this means you have to be arriving into the car park between the hours of 6:00am - 9:30am  and leave between the hours of between 3pm - 12:00am usually. This is great if you are in all day long but if it is just for a few hours then you have to find somewhere else to park and you can get stung big time. I once ate cake with an interstate friend  that ended up costing me close to $70 because of the cost of parking...she was well worth it! But gosh it made me double check all parking since. I have to say that the weekend rates around the city are great,  usually only costing a maximum of $20 for a whole day, but again if you are only going for a few hours it does end up becoming an expense you start to pay attention too.

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