Friday, May 11, 2012

Surprise...I'm Pregnant!!

Yes, you did read that headline right!   We are very excited to announced that we are expecting baby number 4. I will post again soon to share more details with you, but until then I'd love to share some pictures with you that were taken yesterday by my friend Cheree. I'm currently 24weeks pregnant and after taking forever to come up with a way to tell you all about our new little surprise, I thought this was a cute way of doing so.  I came up with the location and prop ideas and Cheree was awesome enough to click my growing tummy at a local homestead that I will also be posting about soon too.
I've also added our ultrasound picture as it is our little bubs first photo.

A big thank you to my awesome friend Cheree for taking these gorgeous maternity photos for me, I appreciate it soooo much!  Also a big thank you to one of my main men Aston, who was such a good boy supervising the maternity photo shoot, a fantastic big brother to be and model while we took the pictures yesterday afternoon in the space of about 45minutes. I will have more pictures to share with you from this shoot later too.

I;m interested to know have you ever had maternity pictures taken in any of your pregnancies?
I'd also love to hear if are you currently expecting too.

Take Care xx

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Allergy advice needed please

I need some allergy advice please.

Those of you that have kids that suffer from allergies or you yourself suffer or anyone else that has knowledge of this please answer.  Aston (22mths) has started showing signs that he may be allergic to something since Sunday morning, but I don't know what? I noticed red hive like things on his cheeks when he woke up in the morning. Since he sometimes gets a rash on his chin when teething I just thought maybe this might be something new to do with teething. Considering the boy is almost 2 and has only got 6 teeth that have all arrived between the ages of 16months and 21months I am not sure what to expect with him.  However, as the day went on they started to appear on his arms and legs too and look very angry and red too.  They appeared all the way up his legs but not where his nappy sits, and only go up his arms between the tops of his hands to the area where a sort sleeve shirt would sit but are not on his shoulders or neck. They also don't appear on his back so I am not sure what would cause this? 

I was thinking if it was clothes wash it would be all over his body as all clothing is washed with the same detergent, plus he hasn't had a reaction to this in the past though. 
Can food allergies just go on certain parts of the body? He eats everything we eat and I really can't think of anything new that he has started to eat lately either? 
Then I wondered can allergies to things within his environment just appear on certain parts of his body?
The only thing that I can think of that has changed in his environment is the owners of the rental property we are living in are selling and they got the garden beds re-mulched. Would there be something on the woodchip that could cause this or possibly an insect of some kind? Now writing this I also remember seeing him spraying but I don't know what he was using either and he didn't tell me it was dangerous either!

On Sunday we took him to the chemist as our doctors were shut and they suggested we give him zyrtec. Sunday afternoon we gave him one dose and the chemist said by Monday they should start to look better and less angry . On Monday they were still there so Monday I gave him the recommended 2 doses, the first one was early in the day but by bed time he had to have another dose as the reaction was flaring up again and looking red and angry. This morning when he woke up they weren't as bad as last night so I didn't give him any medicine, by mid morning though they had started to get angry looking again so I've made an appointment with the doctors. Although I can't get in to see my regular doctor who is fantastic with kids I can see someone else. I didn't want to continue giving him the Zyrtec as I don't know really how harmful it can be if used of a period when they symptoms keep happening? Has anyone used Zyrtec? how have you found it worked with your kids or you when using it? Has it worked for you and did you find out what was causing the reaction and what you were allergic too?

Any ideas on this would be really appreciated. 

UPDATE: I took Aston to the doctors today and he thinks it is defiantly an allergic reaction but to what we don't know? He has given him predmix o-soln (prednisolone sodium phosphate) and is to take this once a day for 3 days. If it is still present we are then to go back and they will refer us to a pead and start on the skin testing. The doctor said at Aston's age he has found that doing the blood test not that successful in finding answers.
Have any of you or your children had the skin testing done? Have you had the blood test done? 
Have any of you taken or have your children taken this medication for an allergic reaction and how has it worked? Aston has had to have this medicine once before last winter when he had a pretty bad chest infection. I understand that is it highly addictive drug so I defiantly don't want to keep him taking it on a long term basis. Thanks to those who have commented on here and via facebook & twitter. 

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