Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CAPTURE THE COVER - Win $1000 by using your local knowledge!

This is one of my entries into #CaptureTheCover 
 This year I've been asked to help promote CAPTURE THE COVER COMPETITION and I'm extremely excited to do so!  

I love to take photos, stopping to capture the beauty around me is my way of stopping to smell the roses.  I personally find the more time I spend taking photos the more I want to do it. My perception of  the world around me changes too when I do this. I start to see small things that I'd not payed attention too and the beauty within makes me want to capture it.

Unfortunately I don't have a big fancy camera, but I do have my beloved iPhone 5!  
I use my iPhone5 and that is it! That is the awesome thing about this competition, you can be an every day Jo or Fee (Like Me!) and enter by just using your phone, or you can enter by using your fancy camera too. 

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Photo Credit : Pat - runner up 2012

What Is Capture The Cover Competition
A photography competition with the theme Only Locals Know
I am helping promote the Melbourne section of the competition but it is running in various locations around Australia, so please take a look at the website for all location details.

What You Need To Do 
You're invited  to share your favourite spots in your local area (where you live and it's surrounds). As a local you might have a fave shop, park bench, street art or maybe even a tree.   You take a photo of that special thing and then enter it via CAPTURE THE COVER COMPETITION or via Instagram (see Capture The Cover Competition website for more details on how to enter). If chosen, your picture will end up on the front of a yellow pages book in your local area!! You can win $1000 for the Hero picture if chosen to display on the yellow pages book and $100 for the runner up photos that are chosen to also appear on the book in a smaller format.

Entering your photo
  • Be a .jpg
  • Be the highest quality your camera allows
  • Not show anyone's face
  • Be taken in the region that you live

Entering via Instagram?
  • Take the picture in your local region
  • Include the hashtag #CaptureTheCover and @yellow_au
  • Follow the prompts in Step 2 to choose and submit your entry

Your image must:
  • Retain your original image too. We'll need it if you win!
  • To enter a photo from Instagram ensure you have tagged the image in your account using #CaptureTheCover
  • To ensure winning entries fit perfectly on the cover they need to be square. Cropping is available on submission but please take this into account when framing your photo  
I'd love to see your entries so please  tag me on Instagram with @ohgorgeousbaby or by letting me know via my Facebook Page Oh Gorgeous Baby or alternatively here on this blog post and I would be happy to share it for you.

Here are just a few photos that have been added to the Melbourne section of the Capture The Cover Gallery. I'd suggest you take a look through the galleries and be inspired by the amazing photos both in your own backyard and all around Australia.  

Disclaimer: This post  was sponsored by Yellow Pages. However, I only chose to engage with  and promote this campaign as I thought it would be of interest to you, my readers.  

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